Kuda Bank responds to viral video of customer assault by the NPF

Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank has responded to the viral video made by a Twitter user, @ayam_jamotech, who reported that the fintech called police authorities on a customer who had asked why his money was frozen.

In a statement posted on their Twitter account, Kuda bank claimed no staff of the bank was involved in the alleged assault, and that they have launched an internal investigation to ascertain the probability of a staff’s involvement.

How it became a Twitter trend

On April 17, 2022, @ayam_jamotech made a tweet about a transaction his brother made to his Kuda Bank account four days earlier.

The amount transferred made up a total balance of ₦1.2 million naira but the account was locked and made inaccessible.

The Twitter user explained this was against the 10 million naira limit when accounts are locked and customers are invited for questioning. He pleaded with Kuda Bank and asked for an investigation regarding the situation.

On April 19, @ayam_jamotech made another post about the outcome of the investigation, alongside a video showing that the said customer – his brother – was allegedly assaulted by men of the police force.

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According to the tweet thread, the individual, who is the victim had gone to the bank premises to lay a complaint about his frozen account and follow up on the investigation. But, he was accused of fraud, arrested and now detained.

Kuda’s statement

In their defence, the management claimed that because they have been licensed with the Central Bank of Nigeria, there are protocols and obligations to comply with, including locking accounts with there is high-end activity.

The statement also claims the customer was non-responside when they reached out to confirm legality of the account’s activities.

Kuda Bank also reassured customers of their commitment to providing a safe environment for their staff and customers.

We take pride in providing a smooth, enjoyable and convenient customer service experience, both online and within the customer experience centre.

Kuda’s statement reads in part.

The bank only mentioned that its staff was not involved in the assault, and did not mention if its staff were present at the scene of the incident.

There was, however, an attempt to reach the customer, according to a screenshot shared on Twitter.

Kuda Bank mail response to the customer as regards the account cancellation
Source: Twitter

On Tuesday, the customer, @I_amdreamchaser, tweeted, “Everything is going fine now,” but Jamotech claims that was before he was arrested.

Today, April 20, @ayam_jamotech says his brother is still in custody and the Police and Kuda Bank officials want him to write a statement saying, “he stole that’s why they maltreated him like that.”

Kuda Bank has not responded to our request for comments.

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