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Permit me to be upfront about what I have decided not to discuss today on this page. Killings connected to the jejune jostle for political power or situations that had to do with abrasive power-play, where a horde of armed to the teeth security guards around targeted victims became mere useless and breathless effigies in the presence of mean and menacing gun-toting killers, are not what I address today in my treatise. Terrible incidents where concrete-slab high walls around homes of politician-victims couldn’t deter h with thisired nightcrawlers from carrying out their extermination odysseys when they came calling is not what I express today.  Baneful and barbaric moves where bullet-proof vehicles in which victims travelled made no difference when pellets from assassins’ AK-47s rang through with fire and fury killing their targets, I address not today. Assassinations of prominent Nigerians by unknown bombers and hired killers who slid through with ease without anyone able to halt that which hurts a nation are not what I write about today.

All manner of shedding of innocent blood is noxious and nocuous. But this week I highlight sinister killings of ordinary Nigerians who have no men in positions of power. These are people who were poor and impoverished but fell victim to daredevil occultist ogres who want to get rich quick through demonic means on concocted satanic altars. Faceless capo-di-tutti-capi of these killings are often men who have been instructed by their pernicious priests to donate human vital organs to actuate wealth or renew its demonic covenant. In every nook-and-cranny of this wicked world are wicked people. On very many Nigerian streets, murders and senseless killings are metastatic in nature. With bloody hands and depraved minds, these people kill daily without respect for men, or fear of God. If some of your naive friends living abroad tell you that this cannot happen anywhere but only in Nigerian Nollywood movies, tell them it is everywhere in Nigeria to families whose loved ones have disappeared for the last twenty years and are still not found dead or alive. It is happening where kidnapped people are heisted from the street and then hoisted on evil altars of sacrifice after being butchered in isolated evil shrines. It is happening even in hotels where you decide to seek rest away from hurly-burlies, hurry-scurries, and kerfuffle swirling around town. That was what happened recently to a young man at the Hilton Hotels and Resort in Ile-Ife. His plan was to go get some peaceful rest at the hotel. But wicked men struck and forced him to go rest in peace before his time. The result from the resort was an assault that led to the untimely death of a brilliant young man with a promising future.

37-year-old Adegoke Timothy Oludare was a Director of Finance at FJJ Company and an MBA student at Obafemi Awolowo University. The regular client of the hotel, owned by one Rahman Adedoyin, was in Ile-Ife to sit for a seasonal examination at the university. A few hours after he checked in, his wife was unable to reach him on the phone. The young man had disappeared into thin air.  In a season of tormenting and pervasive insecurity in Nigeria, no one knew what to think nor where to look. But later on, good police work revealed that the young man had paid his hotel accommodation fees to one Adedeji Adesola who confirmed allocating room 35 to the young man the same Friday. She is now in custody singing like a canary. A few days after a grilling police investigation, the remains of Adegoke were found in a hurriedly-dug grave not too far from the hotel site. A few body parts were reportedly missing. The grisly and gruesome killing of Oludare opens up another debate about the cruel killings of the innocent in Nigeria. Who killed the young man and for what purpose? We do not know.

A friend of mine rightly depicted Nigeria as the “field of blood.” Aceldama is a valley located in the South-West part outside the old city of Jerusalem. The location is known as the place where children were sacrificed during the times of King Solomon; where Judas Iscariot hung himself after selling Jesus for 30 shekels of silver and identified as a punishment area and hell on earth. Prowling bestial characters who are betrayers of reason and traitors of morality have turned Nigeria into Aceldama. Predatory rich men and women with penchants for horror killings sit regally and royally in their villas commanding young unemployed men and women to do their evil biddings. They are murderers with a mesmerising cash-money base and conflagrating power who bawl out calls for evil assignments from their mansions. They are drinkers-of-blood and eaters-of-flesh. They are fools who forget that one day their breath will cease. Killers in villas and murderers in mansions!  “Among my people are wicked men who lie in wait for victims like a hunter hiding in a blind. They continually set traps to catch people”. Jeremiah 5:26. Wealthy but wicked people are plenty among us.

Nigeria is a country full of life and excitement. But it has become a burning Beirut filled with the smell of blood. Boko Haram miscreants are killing. Ritualists are murdering. Political thugs are assassinating. Our bad roads are sucking the blood of the innocent. Cultists are shedding young people’s blood on campuses. Everywhere is the smell of death and cries of blood! In Nigeria, it seems as if bloodshed means nothing.

Even in agnostic and atheist nations like Confucianism-China and irreligious Japan and South Korea, human lives are not as meaningless as they are in Nigeria. In a country where about one million Christian churches are just one jump apart from each other; where innumerable mosques are mounted a few feet apart with awakening calls to worship bellowing from the roof-top at dawn, must occultic onslaughts on a nation this prayerful be commonplace? With our boastful status as a people who always know what God is saying, must Godlessness reign this blatantly?

Money-conjuring blood sacrifice has been around for a while. The depraved perpetrators do not even care who falls victims. Their wives, children, friends, parents, siblings, everybody, are fair game. Just because of the unrelenting desire to be rich and powerful. As long as the sacrifices are renewed and refreshed on the evil altar of wickedness, copious cash keeps flowing into their cursed purses. The foundations of the affluence of many rich folks are gross and grisly. My son, you always pray to become as rich as certain men you sight riding in a Prado and Tesla?

They may be tapping into esoteric forces from nature that help actuate wealth. These forces transport the soul and blood of the sacrificial victim to a supra-physical realm wherein the spirit of the victim becomes an errand messenger that forces and commands the outpouring of wealth in cornucopian measure. What a life!

The cataclysmic ways of life of the wicked among us have become the reality we must confront in public discussions. Are you a killer in a villa? Are you a murderer in a mansion? Deranged dude, your days are numbered, in Jesus’ name. You will be exposed and then disposed of by the scattering wind of God. Regarding the cold murder at the Hilton Hotel in Ile-Ife, I hesitate to join anyone jumping to conclusions about who’s involved and who’s not. However, I sound this reminder to men whose sources of wealth are rooted in human blood. You are wicked! And there will be no peace for the wicked! Those who plough evil and sow trouble reap evil and trouble. One breath from God and they fall apart. One blast of God’s anger and there’s nothing left of them. Selah!

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