Kano PRP gov candidate tasks youths on voter registration


The Peoples Redemption Party governorship candidate in Kano State, Tanko Yakasai, has called on youths to come out and get their Permanent Voter Cards and avoid double registration which will bar them from voting in the forthcoming elections.

Yakasai made the call while fielding questions from newsmen in Kano on Sunday.

“I call upon all the youths to come out and get their PVCs but must avoid double registration, doing that will make them lose their cards and I will lose their votes because I know their votes belong to me,” Yakasai said.

He said he has plans to make Kano great under ‘Vision 2033’, hence his call on the youths to get the PVCs to enable him realise the dream.

According to him, his blueprint includes how to make Kano the Centre of Commercial Excellence, not just in Nigeria, but Africa, in 10 years, surpassing Lagos.

He stated that his major aim is to live a legacy which he intends to achieve through seven sectors, namely: economy, infrastructure, education, health and environment, among other things.

“We are not just going blindly into the election, our vision and our target is to leave a legacy and we can only do that if we focus on developmental projects, focus on the masses and how we can add value to their lives and change their lives for the better.

“These are ways we believe we can change the situation in Kano for the better and transform the state to economic boom and prosperity that will push forward the different economic sectors of the state, and as I have mentioned seven key areas that we are looking into in terms of our blueprint.

“Our plan is a holistic one and our target is how do we make Kano become the Centre of Commercial Excellence not just in Nigeria, but Africa in 10 years time, surpassing Lagos. That is why we call our plan ‘Vision 2033’.”

Yakasai, who is optimistic about winning the election, noted that “Fortunately, we represent a very important demography in the state, which is the young population, and we are sure that this population, which makes up 70% of the general population, will vote someone that represents them, that knows their demands and relates with them.

“We are quite optimistic we will win the election simply because we are different, we are unique in the sense that we are coming in as, probably some will say, the ‘under dogs’, but we know the values that we are going to add.

“We took a poll of the people of the state and we are certain that people want ‘change’ in the state, they are tired of the status quo, tired of the same set of people that have been ruling the state for the past two decades and definitely need a change.”

He also pledged that it will be a government for the young people, by the young people and driven by them as well.

“It will interest you to know that the unit head of each of the sectors mentioned above will be someone under 40 years of age but a professional and highly successful (person) that can stand on any platform around the globe and be respected as an authority in that field,” he added.

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