Kannywood actor debunks death rumours

Kannywood actor debunks death rumours

Kannywood actor Sani Garba has debunked his death rumours going round in social media.

The popular actor is being rumoured to have died last week on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, in a recent video of the actor, shared by Abba Almustapha, a colleague of his in the Kannywood, Garba said he was alive and not dead.

” Here I am right before you. I am not dead, I am alive. When the time comes I will die. There is no need to be narrating fake news about my death, I am here but if my time is up I will go.

” Again I want to use this opportunity to thank the whole Kannywood Industry for taking care of me. I want to thank every player in the Kannywood. They have been supporting me financially and morally since I fell ill.

The actor, who is suffering from diabetes, has said that he is getting better and seeing his doctors as required.

Garba is one of Kannywood hilarious actors who has featured in many Kannywood films. He sometimes plays a fatherly role.


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