Kanayo sends Christmas message to Igbo youths:

Kanayo sends Christmas message to Igbo youths:

By Chika Abanobi

Nigerian film star, Kanayo. O. Kanayo, has lent his voice to the continuous calls on the youths of South Eastern Nigeria to retrace their steps from the destructive act of ingesting methamphetamine or Crystal Meth into their brains and bodies.

In a video he just released, he made the youths understand that getting hooked to the mind-bending and body-wracking drug will amount to living in bondage and mortgaging their future.

Though the three-minute video delivered in the Mbaise dialect of Igbo language was targeted, primarily, at the youths of Mbaise clan where he hails from, sources said that it is also meant for all Igbo youths in the South Eastern states comprising Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo where the devastating effect of the abuse of the drug is said to be getting out of control.

In the video which appealed majorly to their sense of self-worth, he said: “The people who asked me to bring this message to you want me to address you on the use of the dangerous drug called Mkpuru Mmiri. The drug is death. It is a drug that makes youths, both male and female, who are into it to hardly know what they are doing. Its effect is such that anyone who is under its influence would start to misbehave by hitting their heads on hard surfaces or manifesting some other strange behaviours because they are no longer in control of their sense of reasoning.

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“My people, it is because of the love we have for you that we are bringing this message to you. Young men and women, please, I beg you in the name of God, not to use this drug because Mkpuru Mmiri has no known cure. So, don’t get involved with it because it will mar your life and future. From what we now know about the drug, it can also lead you into other vices like stealing, armed robbery, murder. We are praying seriously that evil should not be our ruin and the ruin of our children.

“I am sending this earnest appeal to you in my capacity as someone who has seen it all on both the local and international scenes. My popularity is known all over the world. But as you all well know, that popularity did not come about from drinking or smoking or sniffing dangerous drugs. I don’t smoke cigarettes. Although I do take beer, once in a while, I have never gotten drunk or intoxicated by it. Please, I am appealing to you to stop ingesting yourself with Mkpuru Mmiri. It can never make you a star or a rich man. Take a look at all the prominent Mbaise sons and daughters; none of them got rich or became popular by smoking something.”

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Kanayo is the second film star of Igbo extraction to express concern over the ballooning drug abuse problem. Ugezu J. Ugezu, known in Nollywood as Mr. Surplus, a singer, movie actor and director, had also expressed similar sentiments.

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“We don’t even know how it found its way into our space,” he noted in a recent newspaper interview. “I suspect that it is possible that those who want to destroy our future brought it into our state and our youths are unfortunately embracing it. In many Igbo communities today, unemployed youths and some artisans have made Mkpuru Mmiri their companion. After taking it, they see themselves as being on top of the world.”

Other prominent Igbo sons who have had cause to express their sadness and disappointment in recent times include Dr. Kalu Idika Kalu, Nigeria’s former Minister of Finance, National Planning and Transportation Minister, and a World Bank development economist. Lamenting its economic effect on youths who he said are supposed to be the country’s future hope, he asked the to, as a matter of urgency, provide them with jobs so as to engage their minds and bodies.

Humans, especially young people, are the power behind development in any society, he noted. “They have the energy and time to work and so when they are distracted with drug consumption, development suffers. When youths are unemployed, the tendency is for them to turn to crimes and most times abuse of available drugs that again disrupt development. The drug abuse issue is a grave societal problem and all hands must be on deck to solve the problem.”

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But in the video, Kanayo noted that while he is not excusing the from performing its duty by providing its unemployed youths with jobs, the youths should not because of the s dereliction of duty destroy themselves and their future, by taking dangerous drugs.

His words: “Some people claim that they went into it when depression set in as a result of not having a job to do after graduation. Taking Mkpuru Mmiri can never make you secure a good job. I would rather you ask people to help you with money or food than get yourself involved with Mkpuru Mmiri. Please, leave Mkpuru Mmiri alone; it is not a good thing. The people who asked me to bring this message to you are interested in your welfare, progress and well-being. May it be well with you! God bless you.” 

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