The Kaduna Electric has called for amicable resolution in the face off between the Nigerian Labour Union (NLC) and Kaduna State Government over the government’s plan to rightsize its workforce.

The NLC in the state had earlier announced a strike to protest the mass disengagement of workers that will result from the government’s plan and other alleged anti-labour moves by the government.

“In line with NLC directives on shut down of activities in Kaduna, you are hereby directed to ensure TOTAL BLACK OUT in Kaduna by 00 hours on Saturday 15th May, 2021,” the General Secretary of NUEE, Joe Ajaero, said in a circular obtained by PREMIUM TIMES.

Mr Ajaero then advised the workers to liaise with other states or regions through which Kaduna could be back-fed to ensure that there is no supply of electricity to the state.

However, the electricity provider in the state said it was keenly observing the event as they infold in the state and is optimistic that the ongoing negotiations between the state government and labour union will avert the planned shutdown of the state.

“As key stakeholders, we are deeply concerned and hope that the talks will yield positive outcomes that will guarantee no one suffers unduly in the event of the strike action.

“Our concern is hinged on the fact that as a private corporate organisation, we are inadvertently caught in the middle of the impasse. The workers’ union to which our staff belong is affiliated to the NLC, hence, they may be obliged to join any strike called. We’re on the other hand, a privately owned company that is not a party to the dispute.

“We offer a critical utility service, the withdrawal of which will cause untold hardship on the citizenry. Moreover, being also a key player in the nation’s electricity value chain, we have responsibilities and commitments to keep to both our staff and the Nigerian electricity supply industry.

“A shut down of the state will put that in jeopardy.

“Its against this backdrop that we once again call for the urgent resolution of the industrial dispute. We call on both parties to, in the spirit of give and take, try to find common ground in order to resolved the dispute amicably,” the electricity distribution company said.


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