The Governor of Jigawa State, Muhammad Badaru, has warned Fulani people in the state against harbouring bandits fleeing from the military offensive against them in Zamfara State.

According to a statement by his spokesperson, Ahmed Kila, the governor gave the warning on Friday when he met the leadership of Miyatti Allah, a Fulani socio-cultural group, over rising cases of kidnapping in the state.

Mr Badaru warned the officials over allegations that some members of their community were harbouring criminals, saying the state would not allow the repeat of happenings in Zamfara State.

Armed bandits are reportedly fleeing Zamfara to escape from the military onslaughts. This has coincided with an uptick in reported cases of violent crimes in Jigawa, a relatively peaceful state in the troubled North-west region of Nigeria.

“You, as leaders, you have to engage your subordinates in discussion to warn them against harbouring of criminals,” the governor admonished the Miyatti Allah officials.

“They know those committing crimes but they shield them. If people are kidnapped, they are kept in Fulani settlements.

“We don’t want to use force on Fulani settlements. You have to report suspicious strange persons. All the people that are being kidnapped are kept in Fulani settlements. If we allow the insecurity to deteriorate, everyone will bear the consequences,” Mr Badaru said.

“Happenings in Zamfara are disgusting, people have been killed. We will not allow the situation here to reach the level of Zamfara,” the governor added.

Efforts in progress to contain the crisis – Governor

Mr Badaru said the state would continue to provide and expand qualitative nomadic education to cattle herders in all parts of the state.

He said the government was committed to providing education to all, including the herders, for the development of the state.

“In addition to about 400 nomadic schools across state, the government will establish 200 more new nomadic schools and employ 10 herders from each of the 27 local government areas of the state,” Mr Kila said.

He said following the governor’s recent working tour to The Netherlands, plans are underway to expand cattle routes and grazing reserves to provide all-year grass for the nomadic.

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He called on Miyatti Allah to support the government in the fight against vices among the Fulani, especially their youth, who are engaged in criminal activities.

The chairman of the association commended the efforts of the government in maintaining peace in the state.

He said they would do everything possible to ensure that the peace between farmers and herders in the state is maintained.

He also said with the support of the government, the Fulani community will fish out any criminal among them.


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