Is it really free of charge to place any free bets in casinos?

Is it really free of charge to place any free bets in casinos?

*All there is to know about placing any free bets in Nigerian online casinos and via bookmakers: facts, statistics, pros, cons, and much more.

Are Free Bets Really Free?

Every experienced Internet user passionate about betting knows the best possible conditions for placing any bet precisely. Moreover, many of them are look closely at one exact type of sport or a few sports and prefer not to bet on any other kinds of activities. And, in general, it’s an excellent idea, as it’s almost impossible to know everything regarding all sports in the world.

Still, in some cases, online betting providers might give their users specific bonuses, which might motivate them to place more and more in the fields they are not passionate and knowledgeable about. In a few words, online betting clubs often allow their players to place so-called “free bets.” So it’s better to know more about this particular type of bonus to decide whether it’s a good idea to use it. So please, keep reading this article if you want to know more.

What are Free Bets?

If you were using online casinos’ or bookmakers’ services at least once, you’ve bumped into an ad regarding so-called “free bets.” Generally, it’s a fantastic bonus that can attract lots of new customers and keep worm the interest of old users. Almost every online betting club offers this bonus to their players nowadays. For example, you can find a list of best free bets in Nigeria described by Still, before using this bonus, it’s essential to know what it is and probably is it worth using.

In a few words, a free bet is a specific type of bet that can be used to generate income without any strictly required investments and deposits. The bookmakers will often allow their customers to place a free bet and keep any payment if they win. At the same time, the player will receive only a winning bet percent according to the coefficient minus the bet sum itself. So, it’s understandable if a player won’t make any deposits on his account on the bookmaker’s platform and the bet itself is placed for free. In a few words, it’s a very significant opportunity for players who can’t afford any additional spending on their betting passion.

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How to Place a Free Bet?

Whenever you bump a bookmaker’s official website into a specific offer regarding free bets, you might ask yourself: “What do I need to do to use this great opportunity?” The answer usually contains at least a few consecutive steps. Most often, to get an opportunity to use a free bet, you need to:

Register on a bookmakers platform

Create a user’s account

Verify your identity in all required ways

Get access to a bonus free bet offers

Place your free bet according to a bookmaker platform rules

When the free bet is placed, all that is required from a user is to wait until the event is over. Then, at the very end of the event, they will know whether they won or not. Still, to understand better all the possible outcomes of placing free bets, we created a brief list of all pros and cons. Also, the following paragraphs of this article will help you to understand better whether placing free bets is free of any charges or not.

Free Bet Main Advantages

As you already understand, a free bet is a great bonus, which users can find in almost any online betting club in Nigeria and worldwide. It’s one of the most crucial instruments for bookmakers who want to attract more new clients. According to the global size of the gambling and betting market in 2023 will rise to 93 billion $ USD. And free bets naturally have lots of advantages. Among the most important pros of this particular type of bonus, for example, are:

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There is no need to make a deposit to place a bet in most cases.

A player fully considers itself to use this bonus or not.

In addition to free bets, players also might receive lots of other extras.

So, generally speaking, this is an excellent opportunity for all new players who might be interested to know more about the betting world but are willing not to pay for this opportunity. If newcomers don’t like any bookmakers’ features, conditions, or functions, they might stop any further collaboration and won’t lose any money. As a result, they won’t get any income but won’t lose anything.

Free Bet Main Disadvantages and Rules

To create a steady flow of new clients, online betting clubs’ administration developed a set of rules that can almost entirely be considered disadvantages. In most cases, all those terms need to be fulfilled to get a possibility to withdraw money in case if player’s free bet will be successful. So, please read all the free bet conditions and requirements carefully to know more about those rules. In a few words, the most disadvantaging paragraphs in most cases are the following:

1. Most betting providers allow using free bets only a few times for each player.

2. The user can’t receive all money right after his bet, which made with a free bet opportunity, won.

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3. A player might need to make at least one deposit in some cases before further withdrawals.

4. Sometimes free bets might be placed on specific games and sports that players are not interested in or have no experience in.

You need to understand that different online betting clubs in Nigeria provide varying sets of rules for their players in most cases. And even more, sometimes free bet conditions might vary for different categories of players. For example, newcomers might get much better conditions than old users. So, please, look carefully at all the requirements and conditions before starting any further actions and using free bets.


So, if you read this article with proper attention, you probably understand that placing free bets is truly free. Moreover, you can use Nigerian news and analytical resources to get all the necessary information to become a successful football or other sports better. Still, when you try to withdraw all money, which you possibly might win, you will face some additional rules and requirements. Almost all those conditions will require additional money and time spent. So, if you were successful with your free bet and would like to withdraw all your prizes, you might need to spend a couple of extra bucks.

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