Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle, has issued a disclaimer disassociating herself from her daughter’s business, Kachi Beauty Products.

Ms Doyle’s daughter, Abimbola Onyeulo a.k.a Kachi, is a popular hair and beauty vendor on Instagram.

She has been accused of allegedly swindling her customers with a proposed empowerment scheme which entails hair importation business.

She is being accused of receiving payment from them without delivering the ordered products.

The 54-year-old actress has been accused of keeping silent in the face of the numerous accusations trailing her daughter in the last three years.

The disclaimer, which she posted on her official Instagram handle, read: “I reiterate and write to inform all parties involved that I was in no way connected to Kachi Beauty Products. I do not, and I have never owned a share, been a director, been on the payroll, or received any financial benefits from said business.

“I have zero affiliations with or interest of any nature in Kachi Beauty Products and its board/proprietors. Mrs Abimbola Ngozi Onyeulo (Nee Ozofor) a.k.a Kachi, the 34-year-old founder of said business is one of my biological offspring, and that is the extent of the relationship.”


According to a report by Foundation for Investigative Journalism, FIJ, released in March, the business owes more than 86 customers the sum of N40m and has refused to effect refunds despite incessant calls and emails by customers.

However, most of the customers opine that the business gained their patronage because of the alleged endorsement of the owner’s mother.

In an Instagram live chat with Dele Momodu in January, Kachi had said that she had refunded over N20m to over 92 customers.

She also promised to make the other refunds to customers, to retain her integrity.


Two staff of Kachi Beauty Products were arrested in February by the police at Independence Layout Police Station in Enugu, Enugu State.

The staff were participating in a sales tour at Olive Gate Hotels and Suite at Independence Layout, Enugu, when an aggrieved customer who had been swindled by the CEO of Kachi Beauty Products, called in the police and made the arrest.

After the arrest, Kachi settled to pay her debts to avoid further embarrassment.

She issued out 16 cheques totaling N12m to customers who had paid for hair and had waited for close to two years with no delivery made.

However, not all who paid for hair were refunded and despite her promise to refund everyone, she reneged on it. She continued to go on sales tours around the country, allegedly ignoring requests for refunds in the comment sections of her page.


Some aggrieved customers petitioned the business to the Economic and Financials Crimes Commissions, although no arrest was made.

Also, Babatunde Irukera, the director-general of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Council (FCCPC), in December 2020 via Twitter, showed interest in the case, but not much was achieved.

The renowned actress is a mother of six children. She was previously married to famous veteran presenter Patrick Doyle.

The embattled businesswoman is the actress’ first child whom she welcomed before her marriage to Mr Doyle.


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