I’ll Hold This Grudge Till I Die – Lyta’s Babaymama Says after He Reached Out To Her

Singer, Lyta's babymama ays he has apologized

The babymama of singer Lyta, Kemi has vowed not to forgive him saying she will hold the grudge between them till she dies after he reached out to her again.

Kemi has been calling Lyta out for a while now accusing him of abandoning their son and hurting her so much that she has vowed to hold the grudge against him till she dies and won’t forgive him and forget as he expects her.

According to her. Lyta reached out to her asking her to forgive and forget all that he has done against her without even bothering to apologize to her for what he did but just went ahead to ask her to forgive and forget about what happened.

Adding that she has said it once and will say it again that there’s no way she’s going to forgive Lyta just like that and forget about all that he did to her hence she’s going to hold this grudge against him till she dies.

Kemi has been calling out Lyta for being irresponsible and abandoning his child and also hurting her so much hence has decided to let it all out as part of her healing process and now not willing to forgive and forget about what he did to her.

screenshot below;


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