I battled depression for so long until I couldn’t anymore – Ayeni Adekunle reveals as he steps down as CEO of ID Africa


Ayei Adekunle, a renowned Nigerian media entrepreneur and PR consultant, has revealed his battle with depression while also announcing his exit from one of his companies, ID Africa.

Via a  statement shared on his official Instagram account this morning, Ayeni wrote;

Year 2018: 166% group revenue growth. Over 300% increase in staff compensation. Dotun finished second masters with distinction and kicked off PhD. But I missed my retirement target, struggled with depression, and finally decided this entrepreneurship thing is not worth dying for.

Now learning to ‘live a little’, to start watching movies and listening to music again, pulling back from day to day at BHM where I now no longer have an office, and acquiring more Orara and Onobrakpeya. Maybe my first Ehikhamenor too!

I’ve spent every day of my life, since I left secondary school, doing all I can to change my story; using my skills and talents to escape poverty, to change my life, change the world around me, and help as many people as I can.

It’s been a long journey from when I first registered a business name in 2006, from when I operated from my work station inside my Akute flat; from when I squatted in friends’ offices, and couldn’t hire any staff.

But it’s still a long journey to where we want to be: one of the most successful organisations from this part of the world, using a deep understanding of media, marketing communications, and technology, to make people happier, companies better, and the world smarter.

We open a new chapter today, on the journey towards accomplishing that mission, with a strategic business combination (ID Africa + NET Newspapers), and the appointment of Mr. Femi Falodun who will take over from me as CEO of ID Africa.

We’re still a very small organisation. We have never received any investment, enjoyed any significant bank support, or partnership. But our dreams are big.

And it’s beginning to unravel, thanks to the passionate young people who work here, to the clients and partners who believe in us, to friends and acquaintances who continue to bring opportunities our way, and to all the geniuses and giants in media, marketing and technology whose inventions and innovation continue to show us that it is indeed possible.

We will now proceed to spend the next 5 years aggressively plotting the future of our business here and in other markets.

How does one do that, without compromising health, family, soul, and life?

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