How to Sign Up for N50m Nigeria Computer Society Tech Innovation Development Programme (TIDP)

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The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) recently launched a N50 million Tech Innovation Development Programme aimed at supporting innovative ideas in Information and Communication Technology sector.

What is TIDP?

The Tech-Innovation Development programme is to provide support for the development of innovative solutions, tools and technologies for enhancing the growth of the nation. The fund for the Tech-Innovation Development Programme shall be from the Tech-Innovation Development Fund.

Vision: To transform Nigeria through digital innovations

Mission: To develop and sustain technological innovations for the acceleration of creative entrepreneurship and rapid economic growth of the nation.

To participate, click HERE.

Thematic Areas

Nigeria Computer Society said the areas of interest in the Tech-Innovation Development Programme are:

Cybersecurity/ critical Infrastructure protection;

Financial Technologies (FinTech);

Electoral systems;

E-government/ Digital Economy;

Smart cities;

Intelligent systems and robotics;

Teleworking & E-platforms;

Industry 5.0,

Digital games

Participation Guidelines:

Nigeria Computer Society membership is a pre-requisite for participation. Visit the website if you are not a member.

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According to the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), individual participation is not allowed.

Important Notice:

  • Only team participation is allowed.
  • A team must not be more than three people.
  • Female participation is encouraged.
  • Applications are only invited from young innovators, tech start-ups, students and young academic researchers
  • An applicant must be a graduate or current student in any tertiary institution
  • Must demonstrate strong ability to development tech-based systems
  • Applicants should be below 35 years of age
  • Applications can only be submitted online

Registration deadline: February 25, 2022.

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