What do you do after you’ve met someone and you actually want to build and maintain worthwhile friendship? Friendships are the backbone of your social lives. It helps you in many ways throughout your professional and personal lives. Friends come through to provide the constant support either emotionally, physically or mentally.

Building and maintaining friendships during life-changing events such as graduation and moving away to work-life is not easy. It takes deliberate efforts to stay in touch with such friend. So, how do you do that?

Building friendships come easily to some and not so easily to others. Communication makes it easier for you to contact your friend. Therefore, it is necessary that you follow the formula “SPE”. This means See, Phone and Email. So, don’t just communicate with your friends, but communicate regularly with them.

Deal with Friendship conflicts

Conflicts are bound to happen, but if it happens, don’t get discourage. Instead, resolve and make sure to let it go immediately. Managing conflicts is a skill that helps to you to understand your individual differences.

This may take time, but being open to your friend is something you should aim to achieve. If you can’t be open, you’d definitely have  second guess and it might lead to doubts.

There is a clear difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism. It is normal to criticise your friend, but whenever you want to, make sure it is in goodwill. Be honest and helpful with your critics.

This is very important to maintaining a worthwhile friendship. Help your friend whenever (s)he is in need. It serves as a time to really grow your friendship.

Friendships take works, but if you are truly interested or you like the person, which is supposed to be, then the work involved will be enjoyable.

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