How I managed my heartbreak –Kasi Usani, beauty queen

How I managed my heartbreak –Kasi Usani, beauty queen

By Bianca Iboma-Emefu

Kasi Usani is a perfect definition of beauty, grace, elegance and brains. After being the brand ambassador for Zikel Cosmetics, she recently emerged winner of Face of Niger-Delta Cultural Pageant.

Aimed at helping young women find a sense of purpose, Face of Niger-Delta Cultural Pageant also affords young girls the opportunity to fulfil their life quests, while promoting those of them with exceptional values and virtues.

In this interview, Kasi speaks on her new projects and future plans as a beauty queen. Enjoy it.

Can you give us an insight into your background?

My name is Kasi Usani. I am 21 years old. I am from Ugep in Cross River, but I was born in Badagry, Lagos State. I attended Anglican Primary School, Badagry after which I proceeded to Accession College Imeke-Iworo Ajido also in Badagry. I am the last of four children. My dad was a police officer and my mum is a trader. 

Tell us about your journey into pageantry?

For me, pageantry is a passion. I had interest in it as a child because my elder sister had friends that were into modelling and had participated in beauty contest. Pageantry caught my fancy seeing all the glitz and glamour associated with it. I remember, my mum always described me as a beautiful girl. As a child, I was viewed as a pretty princess. This gave me the confidence to pursue pageantry.

What do you think the organizers saw in you to have declared you winner?

I believe they saw the efforts and dedication I put in, in the camp. I think my humility was also an advantage. I was equally focused. The tasks majorly were to promote kindness, peace and love through our cultural diversity. We indulged in traditional tasks that I was not familiar with, like fetching firewood and cooking with it, but I was determined and cultured. I related with everyone and I was peaceful in my approach. The judges knew I was smart and well composed. Above all, I guess the organizers saw how empathetic I was towards people around me, and how much passion I had towards helping rural girls in the creek, which is what the Face of Niger Delta Beauty Pageant stands for.

Tell us more about the Face of Niger Delta Cultural Beauty Pageant?

We were camped for 14 days at a community in Delta State. We engaged in several activities based on our cultural diversity. The event promoted the nine states that comprised the Niger Delta region. I had to make use of clay to create things. Some tasks were done in the forest; we cooked various traditional meals and had folklore and moonlight games. We were mentored and every tribe in the region was celebrated. It was indeed a cultural display of talent.

As a queen, how do you intend to make good use of your reign?

My one-year reign is eventful. I already have a well thought-out plan in line with FONDCUP vision to empower the girl-child. The goal is to touch and impact lives positively, through the Niger-Delta Cultural platform. I planned to start the project by November, in Edo State, to be precise. I would tour the entire nine Niger-Delta states to impact teens and adolescent girls from the creek. It’s an enlightenment project where I want to make them know that using cloths for menstruation is highly unhygienic. I intend to partner with firms involved with the production of sanitary towels to support this cause. A lot of adolescent girls in the creek are being deprived and I saw the need to impact them with skill acquisition programmes.

Are you in any relationship at the moment?

No, I am not. I’m single at the moment.

When last did you have a relationship and why did you break up?

I was in a relationship, but it was not working. I made efforts but realised that I needed a break, I had to quit.

How did you deal with the heartbreak?

I asked God for strength, and here I am standing strong and tall. I didn’t cry or blame myself; I just moved on.

So, no regrets?

We’re not meant for each other, that was my conclusion. I know the person for me would come eventually. So, no regrets! Honestly, what is most important to me right now is to touch lives.

Having such a beautiful face, do you have plans to join the movie industry? 

Actually, I would love to because I am passionate about acting. 

How do you maintain your figure?

I don’t diet, but I avoid late night food. I drink a lot of water and eat fruits. I cleanse myself from toxic people and relationships; it helps a lot to keep me this beautiful.

What are the principles you stood for that you think girls venturing into pageantry should emulate?

I don’t allow anything to hinder me. I manage situations. No one can put me in a box. We all have the capacity to do different things at the same time. I have regard for humans. 

Pageantry is perceived to be a cesspool of immoralities; is it true?

Actually, that is not correct; there are lots of people who might misunderstand modeling and pageantry, just like a misconception you can have in every other profession. This is a very backward viewpoint, which again hinders women from pursuing their chosen career paths. There should always be a higher goal in everything you seek. I look forward to using this platform to spread kindness in the region.

What next after your reign?

Although, I am into modeling and brand endorsement, there is always more to life. Given how things are in the country, we can only do our best to help one another. I was born and raised in Nigeria and I know what it means, going through life challenges. Giving back to society and helping in the best way I can, would be my motivating factor.

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