How emotional intelligence can enhance women in agro allied businesses –

How emotional intelligence can enhance women in agro allied businesses – The Sun Nigeria

By Bianca Iboma-Emefu

A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Warien Rose Foundation, has called on female stakeholders in agro-allied businesses to overcome challenges retarding their productivity and prosperity in order to contribute significantly to economic development.

This was disclosed  during  an emotional intelligence seminar held by the NGO in Lagos targeting women in agro-allied businesses, as part of its efforts to encourage more women in  agriculture.

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The Convener of the initiative, Efe Anaughe, said the ability to express one’s thoughts clearly and to seek clarifications in a respectful and non-disagreeable manner is vital to nurturing emotional intelligence. 

“As women in agro-allied  businesses, they need to apply emotional intelligence to achieve peak performance and advancement. In life,  this is more than a gripping call for some conscious adjustments. It is a compass to help everyone nurture, manage, control, and dispense the right and healthy emotions for everyday affairs.”

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Anaughe added that, “promoting agro-allied businesses, we need  an effective strategy and  a way women in that business can achieve building personal brand with emotional intelligence.” 

The keynote speaker at the event, a Business Director of Empretec-Unctad Nigeria and Africa Regional Trainer for the International Trade Centre (ITC), Dr. Lemmy Omoyini, who delivered a paper on “The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Business,” said being self-aware is an extremely useful skill to have. “It would help you to know your own strengths, limits, desires, and fears. It means you can tackle challenges and opportunities with more success,” Omoniyi said. He stressed the need for closer interactions and sustained relationships with farmers and other stakeholders, saying the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously is linked to emotional intelligence. “Agricultural businesses involve interacting and dealing with people belonging to different stakeholder groups. As someone in the agro-allied business, you need interpersonal relationships, one must possess emotional intelligence skill for substantial growth.”

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