We are at the 5th Saturday Night Party already? Wasn’t it just yesterday the housemates entered the house?! The days are running so fast. At this rate, we would be at the end of this season before we know it.

It is exactly why taking pictures and videos of the moments is vital. The season can come to an end, but our memories of the fun and slay the housemates dished us will never come to an end. You know why, TECNO’s Phantom X got them all on lock down. Yaaas!

Big Brother gave the last Saturday night party an old school theme. As expected, the housemates went way back in time, and emerged with huge afros and hugging outfits.

Before the party started, the housemates kicked things off in TECNO’s photo booth and proceeded to take striking poses around the house.

Thanks to Phantom X, we have the evidence that the housemates had lots of fun, even before the party started. It’s no wonder the housemates went in for the party and set the roof on fire!


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