Having sex with ‘outsider’ in one’s home to be illegal in England

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Having sex in your home with someone “from outside of your household” is set to become illegal in England, officials have said.

The English government says it is introducing new lockdown measures “that prevent people from socialising (or gathering) with one person from outside of their household in a private space”.

Till the new development emerged, especially during the coronavirus lockdown, only the person visiting the home of another “for sex” would have been the one who breached the guidelines.

But with the new guideline issued Monday, both partners would technically be liable to be prosecuted under the law, with the Amendment Regulations being introduced in Parliament on Monday.

Data as of Monday showed England had recorded over 132,000 coronavirus infections including over 27,000 fatalities.

Britain, as a whole, still has the second-highest cumulative toll in the global outbreak, with 39,045 deaths registered.

The Health Secretary, on Monday at the daily government briefing said there had been 1,570 more positive cases, the lowest number since March 25.

The announcement comes as Britain relaxed lockdown restrictions by reopening schools and relaxing social distancing rules.

New guidelines

Downing Street on Monday, according to the report, confirmed that the police, however, does not have the powers to storm into anyone’s home – “unless they suspect serious criminal activity is taking place.”

The new legislation bans being inside the house in a gathering of more than one person “without a reasonable excuse”.

Asked how police will enforce the ban on indoor gatherings, the Prime Minister’s spokesman reportedly said: “The police will do as they have done since the beginning of the health regulations being in place. They will be exercising their common sense and engaging with the public and only issuing fixed penalty notices when they believe it’s a last resort.”

Also asked if No10 really wanted police to get involved with couples having sex in a household, the spokesman added “the law allows the police to exercise their discretion. That will continue to be the case under the new rules.”

“But they will have the power to break up large public gatherings and issue fixed penalty notices where they feel that is appropriate.”

Asked again if police would also have the power to break up small, private gatherings of two people – including “storming into bedrooms” – the spokesman said: “You’re wrong there in the sense that police don’t have powers to enter people’s homes under the regulations.

“What they can do is enter homes where they suspect serious criminal activity is taking place under separate and existing laws.”

“Police can’t burst into your bedroom and fine you for having sex,” No 10 assured.


Under the new rules there are a number of exceptions allowing someone from another household to stay overnight.

People who may be excused are sports professionals, people attending funerals, vulnerable persons fleeing risk of violence, carers and those with unavoidable work commitments, the report added.