The police in Anambra State, Nigeria’s South-east, have confirmed a gun attack on a police facility in the state.

A police spokesperson in the state, Tochukwu Ikenga, said the police, however, were able to repel the attack, which occurred in the afternoon at Nnewi Police Area Command on the Okigwe Road, Umudim, Nnewi.

Mr Ikenga, a deputy superintendent of police, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday that the police and other security agencies in Anambra State had responded immediately to the incident to ensure that there was adequate security and that the situation was under control

A resident of the area told NAN that they heard heavy gunshots around the area command at about 2 p.m. on Monday.

“We gathered that the shooting was between suspected unknown gunmen and police at Nnewi Police Area Command and that caused pandemonium amongst the residents of Nnewi community,” the resident said.

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The gunmen came in about seven vehicles to the police station and started shooting. The shooting lasted for over an hour, according to the resident.

He claimed the gunmen overpowered the police and carted away arms at the station. He said by the time a reinforcement from the combined team of military arrived, the attackers had left.

Attacks on police facilities have become a recurring incident in the South-east region where IPOB, a separatist movement led by the detained Nnamdi Kanu, is campaigning for a separate Biafra republic.



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