Following the commencement of industrial action by the Kaduna NLC in Kaduna yesterday, Monday 17, 2021, the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai has declared Ayuba Wabba, leader of NLC Kaduna, wanted.

This declaration was made via his Twitter handle today by 9:26 am. The Kaduna State Governor has condemned the acts of members of the NLC as economic sabotage. He condemns the strike as unlawful and to this end has not only declared the NLC leader, wanted but all the other members of the NLC Headquarters.

Governor El-Rufai has likened them to bandits and he asserts that “the Kaduna State Government will not tolerate criminal acts disguised as industrial action” Furthermore, he has described the action of the NLC as a “campaign of economic and social sabotage and lawlessness.”

Today, the state governor dismissed some nurses who are alleged to have disconnected the oxygen supply of a two-day-old baby in an incubator on Monday. It has been disclosed that those identified nurses will be prosecuted for attempted murder or murder in the event of the death of the baby. The governor has further warned that any government worker who fails to be at their duty post will be dismissed.

Meanwhile, Mr Ayuba Wabba has responded to the governor’s declaration by calling it ‘Mere propaganda’.


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