‘Godly people can be in politics’


By Oziegbe Okoeki

Presiding Chaplain of Chapel of Christ the Light, Alausa, the Very Reverend Ayo Olu Oyadotun on Tuesday said Nigerians need to do away with the notion that godly persons cannot be in politics.

Speaking at the church’s 20th anniversary celebration press briefing , Oyadotun said that politics is the ability to manage oneself, God’s resources and God’s people.

“So, we have testimonies of men of God who have served and served well, there is one who was pastoring a church and served in the Lagos Assembly.

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“So you can serve God in the field of politics and be godly. It is good for us to erase the mentality that no one godly person can be in politics, it is not true. A godly person can be politics.

“And if we are to look at politics from that perspective, then politics originated from God, which means God is the source of politics and if God is the source of politics, why do we want to leave God out in politics.

“And to the glory of God, we have testimonies, especially in Lagos State, people who are godly people and have served in politics. And they admit that unless God leads the house, they labour in vain. They also admit that it is God that places one in power.

“So religion and politics go together, very well together and they are together.


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