God is Good Motors Transport (Complete Guide)

God is Good Motors Transport (Complete Guide)

God is Good Motor (GIGM) is one of the best road transport services in Nigeria.

I’ll personally recommend their service to anyone who cares to listen, not only because of the flexibility of their service and ease of ticket booking but also because of their good safety records.

Like every other road transport operator, GIGM has had its own share of dark times but they have been able to minimize risk to the barest minimum.

This post is intended to walk you through on how to book GIGM ticket online, how to pick a bus and seat number, how to fill in your details, and how to download the GIGM mobile app.

I’ll try to answer as many questions as I can. So, feel free to leave your questions in the comment section.


How to Book GIGM Online

Booking GIGM tickets online is quite easy and like any other transaction done over the internet, the booking can be done from the comfort of your home provided you have an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone.

There are two ways to book GIGM online, booking through the…

  • Website or
  • GIGM mobile app

Both processes are quite similar, only that the GIGM mobile app is way more convenient for use on a mobile phone.

You’ll go through the same process whether you’re booking your ticket through the company’s website or using the mobile app.

As such, I’ll be walking you through one of the processes: booking GIGM from the company’s website (don’t worry the app follows the same procedure).

Booking God Is Good motors online using the company’s website is quite easy, safe and secure.

I advise you use a desktop computer for this. But you can also use your mobile phone.

In fact, I used my phone while booking a trial ticket for this article.

The process is quite straightforward but a mobile phone will make it a little tougher as you’ll have to zoom and pinch at your screen a lot. If you’re using a mobile phone, I recommend you download the GIGM app for the best experience. It’s just around 14MB.

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And if you must use your phone browser, don’t use a static browser like Opera Mini or UC Mini. Rather use a dynamic web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Dolphin.

Follow these steps to book your GIGM ticket online.

  • Visit the company’s official website at www.gigm.com. Just below the top menu, you’ll find the ‘Book A Ticket’ option. The menu will be opened immediately you visit the website.
  • You have two ticket options: One Way or Round Trip. The one way option means ‘going’ only while the round trip means ‘going’ and ‘returning’.
  • One way trip will be chosen by default, so make sure you choose return trip if you plan on booking a return ticket.
  • After choosing your trip option, you’ll be required to choose your ‘Departure terminal’. Your departure terminal refers to the God is Good motor park you’ll like to travel from. Click on the departure park and a list of all the God is Good motor parks in Nigeria will be displayed. Find the one closest to your home and select it as your departure park. This way, you won’t have a lot of trouble getting to the park on your day of departure.
  • The next option is the ‘Traveling To’. this option asks about your final destination i.e where you want to travel to. Like the departure terminal, the Traveling To option comes with a drop-down menu that lists all the parks in every state in the country where GIGM do offload. Click on the option and select the park that’s closest to the place you want to your final destination.
  • Now, it’s time to fix your departure date. I’ll recommend you always book your ticket at least a day before your departure date as bus number is often limited. However, I’ve seen available spaces even while booking for the same day but this may not always be the case. GIGM allows a maximum of 14 days booking before the actual day of departure. Simply click on ‘Departure date’ and select the day you want to move out.
  • The ‘Arrival date’ is only for people booking the round trip. The arrival date is the day you plan to return to your former destination. It covers only a maximum of 14 days also. So, if you’re planning on staying for more than two weeks, book the one way trip and then rebook when you decide to return.
  • The next step is to select the number of adults. One will be chosen by default. However, while carrying out my trial booking for this article, I found that 4 adults were booked and I could have made the payment had I not confirmed. Therefore, ensure you still click on it and select the actual number of adults you’ll be booking the ticket for even if it’s only one.
  • Click on Book Now.
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Picking a Bus and Seat Number

Immediately you click on the Book Now button, you’ll be taken to a page with the available buses as well as prices, time of departure for each bus and the seats available.

It seems the transport fare varies with the bus model or time of travel. Some are more expensive than others, especially those slated for departure at 7 am. So pick as your pocket dictates.

  • Pick a bus that matches your traveling schedule
  • Move your mouse to the right and click on ‘View Seats’. This will display all the seats on the bus. Booked seats will be highlighted in grey colors while available seats will be empty. Once you select a seat, it’ll be highlighted in green color. Pick the one(s) you like and click on the ‘continue’ button.

Once you click on continue, you’ll be asked if you want to sign up for GIGM or not. If you sign up you’ll be given a 5% discount and be able to manage your ticket.

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I declined to sign up since I don’t really need a discount. But you should since you’ll be embarking on an actual journey.


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Your Details and Those of Your Next of Kin

The next phase after signing up (if you decided to) is putting down your details.

Fill the form with your name and phone number, plus your next of kin’s name and phone number. Then simply select your method of payment and proceed.

I didn’t make the payment since I was not actually going to book a trip. But the process is quite easy and straightforward. After booking successfully, you’ll receive a text message and an email from GIGM confirming your booking. Print it out.


Download GIGM Mobile App

You can get the mobile app for free on Playstore if you’re an Android user. Simply go to Playstore and search for the app or click here to download it immediately.


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Final Words

So that’s all about booking GIGM tickets online. You don’t have to worry about finding out the prices for each destination or the bus terminals.

Simply visit the website and scroll through the list of terminals and the price for the destination will be automatically generated.

Have you traveled with GIGM before?

Please share your experience with us as so many other people will like to know more about their services.

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