Five ways to collect “transport money” from your boyfriend

Five ways to collect “transport money” from your boyfriend

Ladies, listen up! Recently, there has been an increase in the number of men who take to social media to rant about how much money they gave you.

They further disclose how many of you request the cash from them for basically everything, from what you wear and eat to how you move around.

It’s pretty sad and disappointing to see men complaining about what is considered their natural responsibility.

In our forefathers’ time, men were mandated to meet the needs of their significant other (AKA you). And these needs are not just limited to a particular list of things, but everything.

With many Nigerian men discovering a new financial “wokeness,” they suddenly feel that a woman should be responsible for her needs. While to a certain extent this might be true, when it comes to collecting transport money, it is relatively arguable.

For those ladies who are not conversant with the term “transport money,” consider yourself enlightened. Transport money is the money given to you by your boyfriend anytime you visit him at home or at an agreed location.

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It is offensive for a man to hesitate to give a woman “transport money.” A man is sometimes expected to offer the money before the woman asks. A woman who leaves her house to meet a man deserves to be compensated.

Some men aren’t generous in the giving department, so it’s hard to collect “transport money” from them. This article lists five ways to collect “transport money” from your boyfriend.

5. Point of Service (POS) machine

There is a category of men who always claim not to have cash on hand anytime you visit them. And when you suggest going to an ATM, they dismiss the idea.

Ladies, we present you with a solution called the POS machine. With the help of that kiosk in front of your house, you could borrow one of their machines and take it to your boyfriend’s house. So, the next time he laments not having money with him, you would bring out the machine and ask, “current or savings?”

4. Receipt

Guys love proper accountability, and what better way to do so than with a receipt that proves that you are not trying to bill him for anything other than the actual amount spent on transport?

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When you provide him with a receipt, he will have no choice but to give you the money. Now, you are probably wondering how to charge extra. Four words: photoshop and a printer.

3. Threaten not to visit

Do we need to discuss this point further? He threatens not to visit again after he stops giving you transport money or doesn’t give you the total amount. It would make him realise that you are worth more than money and that threat might earn you a raise.

2. Inflate costs

Most boyfriends don’t like going to the market, so they send you. If your boyfriend doesn’t give you T-money, the solution is simple: add an extra twenty per cent to the price of foodstuffs. For example, if you originally bought a fish for 2,000, you could add 300 to the price.

1. Instalment

If he says, “I don’t have the amount you requested, you could always offer the option of paying in instalments.”

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It works because whatever amount he has at that time, he would give it to you with the promise of completing the rest later.

A side note

As supportive as this article might sound when billing your boyfriend, it is vital to remember that their financial situations differ. If you have a boyfriend who genuinely loves you and struggles financially, try to limit your demands.

Disclaimer: Take our advice at your own risk. Remember always to carry along “Vex money” anytime you visit a man in case things go south.

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