Five ways to avoid giving your girlfriend “transport money”

Five ways to avoid giving your girlfriend “transport money"

After reading the five ways ladies can collect transport money from their boyfriends’ article, our male Facebook followers protested.

So, we thought to balance the equation by highlighting ways men can avoid giving their girlfriends transport money.

The average Nigerian man rarely rants about his feelings on social media. Still, most of the time, when he does, it’s either about the situation in this country or the excessive demand for money made by his romantic partner ( a Nigerian woman).

When asking men for money, trust some Nigerian women to give different reasons for their request, fix their hair, buy new clothes, or transport themselves.

The advent of vehicles in the country provided women with a relatively new way to bill men for money, commonly referred to as “transport money.”

What is transport money? Simple. It is the type of money requested by a woman when she either goes to a man’s house or meets up with him at an agreed location.

Sometimes, a woman doesn’t have to request it because, according to an unofficial norm, “courtesy” demands that a man gives it to her.

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Are you tired of giving your girlfriend transport money? Then this article is for you. Here are five ways to avoid giving your girlfriend transport money.

  • Become a drop-off boyfriend

Next time your girlfriend agrees to visit you, try to pick her up, drive her to your place, and drop her off when she’s ready to leave. Doing this eliminates the possibility of her bringing up a conversation regarding transport money since you were her driver before and after the visit.

The only expenses incurred would be the cost of fuel and lunch or dinner.

The trick to transporting money is that the amount requested is usually higher than the original cost. For instance, a lady might have spent N1000 coming to your place but would inflate the price to N10,000 upon demand.

If number one seems unpleasant, you could order a cab and pay for the to-and-fro trip yourself. It prevents you from paying ten times the original amount, but it also saves your girlfriend the stress of entering public vehicles.

  • Give money-related excuses.

If she demands money, you could always give the excuse of not having any cash on hand. However, some girls could be very persuasive and ask for your card, saying there is a POS kiosk in the neighbourhood. You could either say your card has expired or has been blocked for these kinds of girls.

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In a situation where your girlfriend asks for a transfer, there is always the “my-daily-transfer-limit has been reached” excuse.

Note that it’s partially wrong to think of this point as lying when it’s a way to save money for the future.

  • Fake a phone call from a relative.

When you notice she is giving subtle hints about requesting money, pretend like a distant relative you haven’t heard from for ten years is calling you. Spend a long duration on the phone, “talking” to your imaginary relative. If she is impatient, she will take her to leave, translating to no direct request.

There is a reason technology makes our lives easier and better. Rather than spend money on food, location, and transportation, organise a virtual date on Zoom or Google Meet.

The fun fact is that these apps have effects that make it look like you are on an actual date.

If the points listed above don’t work, you could resort to making a compromise by giving her half of the amount she requested.

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