The Feminist Coalition shares an update on the completed Audit of the EndSARS funds donations.

The feminist coalition which financed EndSARS was audited by the company, SIAO, for six-month period which ended on 31 march 2021.

Recall that in March 2021, the Feminist Coalition was called out after their bitcoin transfer. They promised to be audited..

They published audited reports, but only sent to their donors. An act which has now sparked outrage on social media.

The Feminist Coalition wrote on Twitter:

Donors to the October 2020 peaceful #EndSARS protests have been emailed a copy of the completed audit.

Thank you again to all who donated.

The Feminist Coalition continues to work on women-focused projects.


1 Donations The Feminist Coalition is an NGO registered in the United Kingdom that is estabished to fight the cause of women in the society. The Organisation became interested in the struggle to end Police brutality in Nigeria and got involved in its support by mobilizing finance to help fund the EndSARS protests across the Country. The protest, which took place between 9th October to 22nd October 2020, was partially coordinated by the organisation through the mobilisation of fund through online Flutterwave, Wallet platform, Kude Bank and Cryptocurrency.

The total sum of N150,062,460.57 (One Hundred and Fifty Million, Sixty Two Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty Naira, Fifty Seven Kobo ) only was realized from the donations platforms made which was opened on October 9th to October 22nd, 2020. The money was received through various currencies such as USD, CAD. GBP, EUR, GHS, KES, and BTC.

The disbursement of these donations across the various protest centres was strategic In the sense that contact persons were identified at each of the centres, through whom the funds were disbursed.

2 Major items of Expenditure The major items of expenditures are as follows: EndSARS Response Project Unit (Note 2.1) 36,285,605.00 EndSARS Mental Health Support (Note 2.2) 6,121,678.73 EndSARS Reponse Medical (Note 2.3) 20,114,087.25 Victims Fund (Note 2.4) 45,682,000.00 Support for memorial (Note 2.5) 2,000,000.00 110,203,37018

2.1 EndSARS Response Project Unit This represents the fund that was given to the EndSARS Response Unit team for medical aid, emergencies and mecurity. EndSARS Response Unit is a team of volunteers dedicated to connecting peaceful protesters to dical aid nationwide.

2.2 EndSARS Mental Health Support This represents the money spent to provide mental health support for some survivors of police brutality. EndSARS Mental Health Support was a group of mental health professionals who volunteered and rendered mental health services to Nigerians across the country.

2.3 EndSARS Response (Medical) ) This represents money that was used to settle the medical bills of all those who were brutalised as well as those who lost their lives during the protests.

2.4 Victim’s Fund This represents the money donated to survivors of Police brutality and families of deceased victims.
2.5 Support for Memorial of Victims This represents funds spent on immortalising the lives of victims of police brutality in the form of a memorial video hosted on YouTube.

2.6 Legal Aid Network This represents money that has been set aside to help seek legal opinion on certain actions that was taken in respect of the protest and to provide legal support to all those who were arrested by police. The money is in the bank account of Feminist Coalition for subsequent disbursement pending the official registration and proper organisational structure of the Legal Aid Network. The Legal Aid Network team have requested that the funds be held until they are ready. The Legal Aid Network is a team of volunteer lawyers working to help secure the release of arrested EndSARS peaceful protesters all over Nigeria

Cash and Cash Equivalents Balance at bank 15,741,460. The balance in the account is in the bank account of Feminist Coalition in Kuda Bank.

Accumulated Fund Balance as at 31 March, 2021, 15.741.460.

5 Contingencies and Commitments a Contingent Liability To the best of our knowledge and based on the information and explanations communicated to us, the Project do not have any legal action.

b Commitment The Project committed the sum of N15,741,459 to a Team of Lawyers known as Legal Aid Network who volunteered to provide legal opinion on certain actions that was taken in respect of the protest and to provide legal support to all those who were arrested by the Police.

6 Events alter the reporting period. The Project has made a commitment to Legal Aid Network to the tune of N15,741,459 to help volunteer Lawyers pursue all legal cases relating to the protest.

7 Comparatives Figures These accounts do not have comparative figures since this is the first set of accounts.

8 Approval of Accounts The accounts were approved by the Project Managers.


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