FCMB’s HubOne organises product launch for tech founders

FCMB's HubOne Launch

HubOne, a tech-themed co-working space and innovation hub owned by First City Monument Bank and managed by Leadspace, created out of a vision to drive and provide support to the tech space and founders of tech startups alike, introduces LAUNCH in a bid to help startups scale.

The event which was the maiden edition, took place on Friday, June 24, in Yaba, Lagos, and had founders, investors, developers, and tech enthusiasts in attendance.

Abiodun Lawal, Head Tech ecosystem and Ventures, at FCMB HubOne’s launch

The HubOne launch by FCMB would serve as a platform to foster product-market fit through a critical review of products by real users curated by FCMB.

Abiodun Lawal, Head Tech Ecosystem and Ventures, FCMB

Startups that participate in the launch garner invaluable technical and market feedback which greatly impacts their potential to succeed.

Rolayo Akhigbe, Senior Vice President, FCMB
Rolayo Akhigbe, Senior Vice President, FCMB

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Speaking at the event, the Senior Vice President of FCMB, Rolayo Akhigbe, while welcoming the participants and audience, reiterated the vision of FCMB through HubOne to provide a platform through which major tech innovations would reach their desired market.

What we do is help drive tech, create a reach for innovations that have capacity to cause useful impact in the tech space.

Rolayo Akhigbe

Keble, Twinku lead the way

HubOne's head of ventures with Aidi's and founders at HubOne launch
HubOne’s head of ventures with Aidi’s and founders at HubOne launch

The pitch session was led by Keble, a real estate driven wealth creation app that seeks to help customers grow a portfolio of assets in real estate. The co-founder/Chief Product Officer of kebble, Adebisi Borokinni, explained:

The unique idea is to help individuals own assets in real estate with as little amount as possible, while also earning returns in the shortest possible time.

The co-founder/Chief Product Officer of keble, Adebisi Borokinni

The audience applauded the concept and the product offering and gave feedback on ease of use.

A user suggested the platform streamline the app’s frontend while removing any extraneous material to conform to modern standards for app development and production.

Femi, Founder of Twinke at HubOne's launch
Femi, Founder of Twinke at HubOne’s launch

The second round of pitch saw Twinku, an android application created to give users a secure asset and wealth management database for tracking and monitoring their income as well as their assets with banks, cryptocurrency wallets, and other portfolio investments that they may keep in a distinct company.

The software offers a database of all investment values in the user’s various accounts and makes the data easily accessible to a designated benefactor in the event of the user’s death or even incapacitation.

The founder, Oluwafemi Ademilua, mentioned that the goal was to give those who don’t want to leave their beneficiaries stuck in the event of unforeseen events a viable alternative to written wills.

Femi, Founder of Twinke at HubOne's launch
Femi, Founder of Twinke at HubOne’s launch

The audience praised the innovation as a significant one, adding that it reflected and addressed a pressing social issue that saw individuals left in a state of confusion when their loved ones died and left behind a void of information that would have allowed them to access the deceased’s assets.

According to Femi, the app doesn’t currently have an iOS version, but it does offer a subscription plan with different lengths from which the customer can choose.

HubOne’s partners reiterate commitment to tech growth

Deborah Mayowa, Principal Partner at Aidi at the HubOne launch

In a conversation with Technext, Deborah Mayowa, Principal Partner at Aidi Africa; a tech community that aims to help founders find traction and grow in Africa while also providing advice and funding praised the event as a laudable initiative and highlighted that Aidi strives to assist tech founders in reaching their target market, but more importantly, it provides businesses with useful information crucial to their growth and success in the tech industry.

She also noted that the community may assist founders who have products with enormous market potential in finding capital that can help them grow and quickly dominate the market.

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