Ex-Manchester United star Evra visits Lagos, endorses “Chess in Slums”

Ex-Manchester United star Evra visits Lagos, endorses “Chess in Slums”

Patrice Evra, former France and Manchester United star paid a visit to Lagos on Saturday as he joined the “Chess in Slums” programme and played alongside youngsters in the city.

Evra had posted a video on Friday intimating about his visit. He arrived Nigeria amid pomp, with many people welcoming him.

He met the organiser of the Chess In Slums programme, Tunde and also got to play chess with the kids under the bridge in Oshodi, one of the target areas of the initiative.

Evra revealed how impressed he was with the kids while he celebrated the initiative.

Tunde in his tweet also revealed his admiration for the Frenchman and how much the moment means to him.

“I grew up supporting Manchester United and today I got to meet one of my heroes Evra right under oshodi underbridge where he got to learn chess from one of the boys.

“He told me that I was also one of his heroes and this truly means a lot to me,” Tunde tweeted.

Evra came to Nigeria from his native, Senegal where he had met young people in different foundations and academies.

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