Hoodlums on Wednesday raided the home of a former official of a local council in Akwa Ibom State, a few days after he accused his local government chairman of giving fetish oaths to supporters.

The former councillor, Ubong George, is on the run for his life.

He had accused the Chairman of Ini Local Government Area of the state, Israel Idaisin, of administering the oath, called “Mbiam” in the local language, to his supporters in 2017 to extract political support from them.

Mr George’s wife, Affiong, a nursing mother, was assaulted and her dress torn by the hoodlums who raided the home at night in their village in Ini.

Properties, including television sets, tables, chairs, and windows, were destroyed during the attack.

Others of Mr George’s children fled into the bush during the attack, PREMIUM TIMES learnt.

Vandalised television set and other items in Mr George’s home

The former councillor said the hoodlums were led by Anyanime Idaisin, a brother to the local government chairman.

“The chairman sent his boys to come and kill me in my house but I was not in the house. They vandalised everything in my house. They beat my wife, my children ran away. For three days now, I have not seen my family. As I am talking to you, I am inside the bush now,” Mr George said.

The chairman’s brother, Mr Anyanime, dismissed Mr George’s claims as false.

He said he lives in Uyo, and not the village, and would not, therefore, mingle with what was going on with the former councillor, in the village.

He accused Mr George of “being paid to blackmail the local government chairman”.

He further said that the attack on the former councillor may have been a reprisal from a group he (George) was having problems with.

“He’s being paid to do what he is doing. It’s none of my business,” he said.

Mr George’s wife, Affiong, and her three-month old baby

Mr George, in a trending clip and interviews, had alleged that the council chairman, Mr Idaisin, sponsored him and others to administer the oaths to his (Idaisin) supporters ahead of his first term election in 2017.

The chairman had debunked the allegations as false and a “political blackmail”.

The administration of fetish oaths to get political support has been a traditional practice over the years in Akwa Ibom politics.

The Akwa Ibom Governor, Udom Emmanuel, has repeatedly condemned the practice as being ungodly.


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