Ethnic youth leaders condemn media attack attack on Emefiele –

Ethnic youth leaders condemn media attack attack on Emefiele – The Sun Nigeria

From Fred Itua, Abuja

The Nigerian Ethnic Youth Leaders Council (NEYLC) condemned on Monday a national newspaper for what it described as an unprovoked attack on the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele.

The NEYLC, which is made up of the Arewa Consultative Youth Movement (ACYM), Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Movement, Oduduwa Youths and Middle Belt Youth, made its position known in a statement signed by the Ohanaeze Secretary-General and head of Coalition’s secretariat, Nwada Ike Chiamaka.

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The ethnic youth leaders said it was surprising that the newspaper could descend so low to the point of criticising Emefiele for an ambition that he is yet to be made known.

The group was reacting to a publication by the newspaper, in which it cast aspersions on the friends and well-wishers of the CBN governor.

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The statement reads: “For this newspaper whose publisher has declared his presidential ambition to come out openly to attack Emefiele only confirmed that the camp of the publisher is already feeling the heat.

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“It is, to say the least, very insulting for the newspaper to refer to the well-meaning individuals who have been appealing to Emefiele to contest as ‘his so-called committee of friends.’

“Referring to the group who means well for the country and wants Nigeria to be led by a responsible leader as ‘an amorphous group’ is unpardonable.

“We, therefore, call on the management of the newspaper to apologise to Emefiele and those who have been appealing on him to contest. The newspaper should also retrace its steps and restrict itself to the traditional role of informing the people and not playing to the gallery.”

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