Electronic transmission of election results will eliminate outdated leaders

Electronic transmission of election results will eliminate outdated leaders

From Abel Leonard, Lafia

A leader in the All Progressive Congress (APC) and Chairman of the Nasarawa Petroleum Dealers Association, Alhaji Abubakar Shehu Usman Sandaji, has said that the federal electoral bill sent to the President for assent would effectively eliminate the old circle of outdated leaders frustrating Nigeria’s electoral process.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Sun at his office in Lafia, Sandaji said the bill was a tremendous achievement and an improvement to the country’s electoral process.

Technology, Sandagi said, would enhance the electoral system so that good and credible leaders will emerge not a ‘repeated old circle and outdated leaders…’

The APC chieftain said the electronic transmission of results from polling units, once the election is over, eliminates irregularities from the ward, collation centres, so that whoever wins is announced.

‘I don’t know why since 1960 we cannot move forward, leaders continue to take us aback…,’ he said.

Reacting on the disagreement of the two major party regarding direct primaries, he said those that are against the bill are not confident in being re-elected by the popular vote. ‘Some people don’t want change because they are use to the same crude process of rigging elections in favour of them,’ he stated.

‘I am happy the National Assembly has realised that people have started talking about the need to have reform…

‘I am seizing this opportunity to draw the attention of the young people in Nigeria to stand up and make the maximum use this opportunity to make themselves accessible to exercise their chance of leading this country. Tribal, religious and ethnic sentiment should be set aside,’ he advised.

He said all the duly registered members of the party are now very powerful stakeholders in the party, adding that it has erased the issue of delegates making all members of the party eligible to vote for their preferred candidates.

‘The direct primaries offers men, women and youths who are registered to participate in choosing who will represent them in any election position.

‘Unfortunately, some governors are not happy because because it has deprived them of the chance to select delegates and choose successors…’

Sandaji further commended the state governor for creating an enabling environment for peace, advising him to ensure more development programmes are implemented.

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