The Ekiti #EndSARS Panel of Inquiry has recommended payment of over N3.07 million compensation to shop owners in Odua Textile building, whose goods were looted during the protest in Ado-Ekiti in October 2020.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Chairman of the Panel, Cornelius Akintayo, gave the recommendation on Friday in Ado-Ekiti.

Mr Akintayo, a retired judge, said the hoodlums, who were in search of the COVID-19 palliatives, vandalised four buses and looted goods belonging to the shop owners worth millions of naira during the protest.

The affected traders include Ayoola Olayinka, who requested N1,250,700 compensation but got N750,420 recommended, and Adetunji Adesanmi who requested for N1,330,000 but got N798,000 approved for him.

Olobatuyi Olawale who earlier wanted N833,500 compensation got a recommendation to receive N500,000. Adekeye Ganiyu pleaded for N906,000 as compensation but was recommended to receive N543,600.

Sunday Ajayi requested N759,284 compensation but the panel reduced the figure to N455, 571 for his looted goods and approved N30,000 for him to repair his damaged vehicle.

Mr Akintayo said the panel found that the victims’ shops were not broken into ”but the articles of trade in their vans were totally vandalised by the hoodlums”.

The panel, therefore, recommended a 60 per cent compensation for the affected traders to re-equip their businesses.



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