While the COVID-19 pandemic is essentially a global health crisis, it is safe to say that every sector and the organisations operating in these settings have been affected. Indeed, it remains not only an unprecedented calamity, but it has also triggered, directly or indirectly, many other socio-economic and political pandemics. Not only have we seen the deaths of people, but organisations that previously were thriving, have also died. In contrast, others are ailing and are on the verge of being wound up due to the challenging socio-economic headwinds. 

However, as bleak as the situation may be, it is worth noting that some organisations have managed to sail through the crisis. These sectors give hope for the world economy and people as these leaders have made deliberate efforts to manage and turn around the situation. So what’s the secret about such organisations? Is it that they are unique or resistant to the effects of COVID-19? Why are they successfully engaging stakeholders and thriving while others are sadly closing and laying off their staff? Well, without a doubt, there is a leaf to borrow from them. 

Taking a keen look at successful organisations and their survival despite the devastating challenges of COVID 19 reveals one thing. They are all serious when it comes to strategic and effective leadership, optimise their capability to make decisions and successfully implement change initiatives. These three are, indeed, the pillars of success during these turbulent times. As an organisational leader, these are the areas that you need to focus on if you want to survive and gradually get back to your pre-pandemic situation. The good news is that you do not have to learn from your mistakes or research alone. You can learn from others. Most importantly, there are world-renowned thinkers such as TEXEM’s faculties that can guide your recovery towards success. 

At TEXEM, we consistently help organisational leaders find pragmatic solutions that can help them overcome the effects of the pandemic and win. We have, therefore, designed a programme in June for you to excel. It will be entirely virtual so that you can participate in it safely from the comfort of your home, office or on the go. We aim to make you a better and effective leader who inspires your organisation to succeed. This programme would be delivered by illustrious Oxford trained Professor Roger Delves, Associate Dean and Professor of Practice at Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and educated at the University of Oxford.

Professor Roger Delves expertise is in helping others understand the roles of authenticity and emotional intelligence in Leadership and team engagement. Professor Roger Delves is a seasoned and first-class coach. He is not only an accomplished academic, but he has also worked with brands from P&G, General Foods, Mars Masterfoods, Johnson Wax, Bosch, Sony and Sterling Health, helping to create award-winning advertising that moved products. Professor Roger Delves would be applying TEXEM’s tested, proven methodology and track record of training over four thousand executives in delivering this programme.

About the forthcoming programme

The programme will run from 12th June to 3rd August 2021, and it is titled Effective Leadership For Sustainable Success. During the learning period, you will enjoy carefully blended sessions that target all the vital areas you need to focus on as you sharpen your leadership quotient to survive and even thrive despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to learn from leading executives. They are ready to share with you their valuable knowledge, practical frameworks, insights and skills that will help you increase performance, achieve your organisational goals and succeed.

To give you a clear picture of what to expect, the programme will be composed of exciting and engaging self-study videos, well-researched and written articles, case studies, games and group activities that last for one hour every day at your leisure. In addition, there will be a two-hour live virtual coaching studies every weekend during this period. As usual, TEXEM has lined up a series of participative and enjoyable sessions to ensure that you make maximum use of every opportunity. All the sessions are tailored to be live, engaging and impactful moments for all the participants. 

The programme’s methodology will be daily self-study, series of group and individual activities, peer to peer learning and games as a way of refreshing, observation practise, self-reflection, and, of course, not forgetting the weekend impactful live sessions. All these will help you learn and address all the questions you may have about winning during these strange times of COVID-19 and beyond. This is possible since the sessions will be primarily interactive instead of just sitting down to listen to presentations without a chance to seek clarifications, pose questions and seek advice that best addresses the uniqueness of your organisation. 

What Are the Expected Benefits of the Programme

Participating in the programme will help you enhance your leadership capabilities. More precisely, the programme sessions will help you develop core competencies that you need to implement change at all levels of your organisation during these turbulent times and beyond. As you know, we are living in unprecedented times where the old methods of working are no longer tenable. It is, therefore, imperative to attend this customised executive development programme and learn how to successfully implement change for survival, stimulate progressive recovery and excel. 

Also, by participating in the Effective Leadership for Sustainable Success programme, you’ll get a chance to learn how to improve performance. You will gain valuable tips on how to boost employee engagement and reduce staff turnover. Thus, you should find ways of making them productive despite the many hindrances and disturbances that COVID 19 has brought to the day-to-day running of organisations. 

Being among the programme participants will also give you a rare chance to improve your leadership and managerial skills and abilities. Whether you are running a small or large organisation, managing daily operations, employees, stakeholders, you urgently need to optimise your leadership quotient to thrive. That means you need to get more skills to effectively and efficiently manage your organisation and minimise the effect of the disruption of operations by the pandemic. 

Better decision making and building effective teams is also part of the many ways to succeed during these times. You cannot wake up today and restructure your organisation without considering essential insights. You have to seek advice, consult experts and learn from others. The experts you will get a chance to interact with during the programme are world-leading professors, strategic management experts and respected managers with a track record of successful leadership and change implementation. 

Indeed, there are many benefits that you will enjoy by participating in the programme. As a reminder, it will be a chance for you as a leader to get answers to critical questions such as how to speed up recovery effectively and how to react to failures and challenges that occur amidst these strange times of an unprecedented pandemic. 

What is Next for You as an Organisational Leader? 

Well, we at TEXEM are confident that you will find our programme useful. We have a track record of life-changing and highly impactful programmes that have been of great benefits to leaders, especially during these times. We are confident that you’ll not only be a better leader, but you will also find tips on how to steer your organisation to a more productive level, facilitate recovery and cushion your organisation against future shocks. 

Now take a life-defining step and register before it’s too late. Remember that in all our programmes, we always register a high rate of retention of previous participants in our programmes. To save your spot, visit our website and register. You can participate as an individual or book slots for several leaders from your organisation. Come and learn with us as we explore actionable insights on overcoming the many challenges of these strange times of COVID-19!  

For more information, please call +44 7425 883791 or email exec@texem.co.uk   and watch the 1 minute video at https://youtu.be/K9q-N-jLTvE or visit https://texem.co.uk/effective-leadership-for-sustainable-success%e2%80%8b/


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