Nigerian nationalist, Ijaw leader and politician, Edwin Clarke has warned against Nigeria’s breakup. He addressed the growing clamour for cessation by stating that the breakup of Nigeria is not the solution to her problems.

Despite the multifarious problems of the nation currently, ranging from a spate of violent killings, daily kidnappings and a struggling economy, Clarke insists that cessation is not the answer.

Having been around for several years and witnessed the ups and downs of the Nigerian state, including the Nigerian Civil War of 1968-1970, the 94-year old statesman warns that noone should fan the embers of war in the country as there are better ways to solve the country’s problems.

His words come on the heels of a recent meeting, by 17 State Governors from Southern Nigeria, held with regard to the state of the nation.

Clarke advocates for restructuring of the country to true federalism, the likes of which existed in 1963. While blaming the military for the current state of the federation, the elder statesman concludes by stating that restructuring is the only true solution to the persistent problems in the Nigerian federation.


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