EaseUS Review: Data Recovery Wizard


A good data recovery software can save you a lot of time and trouble when you lose important files.

Files you may lose as a result of your own mistakes or a mishap way out of your control.

That’s why having a good data recovery tool at hand is not only a good thing but a necessity.

We are humans and mistakes (lots of it) are bound to happen either now or later.

A click on the wrong button could easily wipe the data off your system or even, more commonly, the attack of a virus or mechanical failure could cause you to lose precious files from your computer.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data rescue software that can search through your entire storage for deleted files and try to recover and restore them like they were never deleted before.

It can be used to recover files you deleted from the recycle bin or recover data from corrupt hard drives, memory cards, formatted flash drives, and many other electronic data loss scenarios.

This isn’t a free software. Though it provides a test version for users who might be skeptical. For the trial version, you can scan and recover a maximum of 2GB deleted data from your computer using.

Other files found during the scan will be displayed but only 2GB of the whole would be restored with the free version. If you want to recover more, you’ll need to upgrade to the EaseUS Data Recovery Pro version, which costs $89.

There is also another version called the EaseUS Data Recovery Bootable Media, which is priced at $59.

The third option is the technician version. This version is created for business-oriented users. It cost around $499 and can be used on several computers.


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Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Storage Scan

EaseUS offers two types of storage scanning; a quick scan which takes anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes and the deep scan that takes up to hours depending on your storage capacity.

The scanning feature allows you to search your hard drive or other connected storage devices and recover lost files.

If you remember the directory of the needed file, it will make the scan and recovery quicker but if you don’t, you can choose to perform the quick scan first, and then try the deep scan if the required file is not found after the quick scan.


File Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a very smart file recovery software. It allows for the recovery of various file extensions. So, you can choose to scan specific file types. After each scan, the recovery wizard offers a preview window. This preview window allows you to preview each of the recovered files before restoration. This way, you would choose only those files you wish to restore from the search results.

The preview function works pretty fine for docs and images but most times videos and audio files are displayed as a string of unreadable characters. But such videos or audio files will play with a media player when recovered.


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Easy To Use

The layout of EaseUS is simple and straightforward. Once you launch the app, you’ll be presented with a simple screen consisting a list of various file type and an option to scan each storage space.

Click on any file type you wish to recover or if you want to recover the whole storage, click on the scan storage and that’s pretty much all you need to do. Once you click on the scan button, the software will automatically begin the search for deleted files and then bring them up once the scan is completed. You can choose to preview each or restore all at once.

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Safe to Use

It is quite safe to use. But if you are skeptical about its security, you can scan it with your system antivirus before installing it. So far, the software has passed relatively all antivirus tests.

Also, all files scanned by EaseUS stay on your computer and only for your use. The software does not share your files over the internet nor does it offer any cloud-based backup services. It scans and recovers only files you want to be recovered.

It doesn’t interact with your device storage or any other component and doesn’t write or erase any data from your hard drive; instead, it scans and shows up files that were previously created and then deleted.

Overall, EaseUS is safe for both private and business use.


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Good Customer Support

EaseUS can easily be rated as the best data recovery software based on its solid customer support services. The company provides a wide range of customer services ranging from video tutorials to search user manuals to help users find quick help to any problem that may come up during data recovery.

This software is probably the only under $100 data recovery software that provides live chat support to users. There’s also a phone call support but it’s only used for pre-sales inquiries and not for technical support.


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How to use EaseUS for file recovery

It is pretty easy to use and does not require any additional tool or plugin to run or recover your lost data. Simply download and install the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from the company’s official website and then install it on your computer.

Once you’ve installed it, launch the program from your desktop and then click on the file type you wish to recover or simply click on the scan storage to scan and recover all deleted files.

Once the scan is completed, you can choose to preview and restore files individually or restore the entire recovered files.

Each recovered file will be automatically restored to its previous directory.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best data recovery software out there. If you’re not comfortable giving out your computer to professional data recovery companies, the software is your best option for restoring your deleted files.

The company also offer a solid 30-day money return guarantee policy. So, feel free to try out the service and if you are not satisfied, you can always go for a refund or better still, start with the free 2GB recovery trial. You can always upgrade to recover more lost files if you are satisfied.



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