Dr Sola Fola-Alade Makes a Case for the Importance of Vision & Planning While Raising Kids

Dr Sola Fola-Alade Makes a Case for the Importance of Vision & Planning While Raising Kids

Celebrating our parents for all the love and guidance over the years. For this year’s Father’s Day event, Life Coach, Author, and Pastor, Dr Sola Fola-Alade took to his Instagram page to share an inspiring story about an experience he shared with his sons. In a post that has garnered over a thousand likes, the author shared the story about fulfilling his son’s dream of attending a reputable university he had given a speech years back.

In a caption he shared alongside the post, Dr. Sola stated the importance of exposing oneself to what seems impossible and trusting God in the process. “Expose yourself, your children, team and organization to what seems impossible, and by God’s help, they will achieve it,” he wrote. He also shared how important it is for fathers to cast long term vision for their children.

“When I was invited 10 years ago by the Wilberforce Academy to speak to a group of about 100+ young students at the Exeter College in Oxford University, I insisted that they provided accommodation for myself and my two sons.
I spoke to the students about having a 10-20 year Vision
The next morning I went on a private tour of the University with them. They were both 13 years and 11 years at the time.
They were really inspired by the history and about the stories I told them, that on the way home one of them said that, “Dad, when I grow up I want to go to this kind of University”. By the grace of God 10 years on Toni went and graduated from St. John’s College, Cambridge and Tola thankfully secured a place at the same college, ((Exeter College) we stayed at in Oxford.
There is an irrefutable principle in life, “YOU CAN ONLY CONCEIVE & ACHIEVE WHAT YOU HAVE PERCEIVED…”

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