Kogi State Information Commissioner Kingsley Fanwo has said alleged that some disgruntled politicians are planning to launch a smear campaign plot against Governor Yahaya Bello ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The Kogi State government has raised the alarm over an alleged smear campaign plot against Governor Yahaya Bello ahead of the 2023 general elections.

There have been speculations that the governor is interested in contesting the Presidency in 2023, a move which has unsettled some major political actors.

Speaking with reporters during its quarterly media briefing, Fanwo described the situation as unfortunate. He added that some disgruntled political liabilities are still bent on launching a smear campaign against the person of Governor Bello, and the government of Kogi State.

“Fresh on the heels of the discredited allegations against the Kogi State government by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), backed by some other powerful vested interests in the country, the Kogi State government is aware of several plots to paint it black in the public perception regularly from now till 2023.”

He further alleged that several bloggers and media-guns-for-hire had been contracted on a retainer to regularly sully the public space with claims of embezzlement of public funds by the governor and his administration.

According to Fanwo, the figures planned to be thrown around in the days, weeks, and months ahead represented more money than the administration had even seen together at any one time.

He, therefore, called on the press to be vigilant, urging them to activate their investigative offices before running with such fabricated and unfounded allegations.

“Despite intense pressure and lobbying from across the country and even Nigerians in Diaspora, Governor Bello has not told anyone that he is running for President in 2023.”

“His Excellency’s position is that he will give an appropriate answer to his supporters at the appropriate time.

“Intelligence at our disposal shows that a certain George, whose other details we prefer to keep for now, is at the centre of this conspiracy. If and when his madness manifests, we will respond to him with the applicable legal force. Our gentleness must not be mistaken for cowardice.

“We are aware that some vested persons, smarting from the failure of the EFCC adventure, have decided to move to the next stage. We know their plans up to the 12th stage.

“The first one was to go and concoct something through the EFCC; that has been sufficiently punctured. Now, they have moved to go and concoct statements and allegations that some billions of naira have been embezzled.

“We have been able to apply the resources of the state for the good of the people and that’s why we can achieve all that we have achieved.

“We just want the members of the public to be sufficiently aware that the reason they are doing this is to score political goals and paint the governor, who is already enjoying the support of many Nigerians, with their black grudge.”

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