Diokpa Commends Obi Okonjo II for Stopping Land Sales

Diokpa Commends Obi Okonjo II for Stopping Land Sales

The Diokpa of the Agidase Quarter, Diokpa Chad Rafua has lauded the traditional ruler of  Ogwashi-Uku town, HRM Ifechukwude Chukuka Okonjo II for his prudent management of Ogwashi-Uku lands.

He also commended him for stopping illegal land sales of farmlands located at Azagba Ogwashi-Uku, Edo Ogwashi-uku, and Otulu Ogwashi-Uku

The decision taken by the traditional ruler had made some minority stage a protest on Monday at Agidase Quarter.

Diokpa Rafua endorsed the established land tenure system which vests the authority of land management to the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku as the custodian, trustee, and overlord and said that this has been the tradition in Ogwashi-Uku (Eze Nwe Ani) for generations with the local Chiefs as appointed administrators to assist the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku in managing the vast farmlands.

He implored the Obi to continue to attract foreign investment into the community so jobs can be created for the youth.

Expressing his appreciation over the support, HRM Okonjo II assured him that he had filed numerous cases to stop illegal land sales within the Agidiase Quarter. He also said the Obi in Council had not approved any land sale since he assumed office and challenged anyone who had any iota of evidence to the contrary to produce any documents.

Reacting to the protest by members of the Agidiase quarter, HRM Okonjo II urged them to demonstrate their seriousness by channeling their protest directly to the tenants at Otulu to show those people their seriousness in the condemnation of their attempt to take over Ogwashi-Uku land and request to the State Government about autonomy.

Meanwhile, Prince Greg Okwumbu in a statement released from the Obi’s Palace urged all members of the Ogwashi-Uku community to join hands to confront the external aggressors who are trying to take parts of Ogwashi-Uku communal lands.

While noting that every community around the world can have internal differences but usually unite to confront external parties, he pointed out that the few members of the Agidiase quarter who protested were agents who are known land speculators who were paid for their protest with recharge cards and a few thousand Naira each.

Despite that, they could only muster not more than 50 people out of the close to 200,000 Ogwashians in the Kingdom. This he claimed showed the popularity of the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku and his support amongst the public.

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