Still facing a bout of profit-taking, this time on a muted level, Nigerian stocks saw mixed fortunes of rising and falling in the week that just went by, with the benchmark index depreciating on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, while ascending on the remaining two weekdays.

With the earnings season is already here, few corporations issued their quarterly financial statements during the week, with those announcing remarkable results among them and other market trends informing the stock pick.

PREMIUM TIMES has assembled a number of stocks with fundamentals and other potential, adopting key analytical approaches to save you the hassle of randomly picking equities for investment.

The selection, a product of analytical market watch, offers a guide to entering the market and take strategic positions in hopes that equities will gain value with the passage of time, particularly in the short term.

This is not a buy, sell or hold recommendation. You may have to involve your financial advisor before taking investment decisions.


Cutix on Friday announced the proposal of twin rewards of bonus and dividend payout for shareholders on account of the spectacular year ended 31st April 2021, where it reported a more than double leap in after-tax profit. It will offer shareholders.

The cable-maker will offer stockholders a bonus of one new share for everyone already held together with a dividend per share of N0.15.


United Capital last week published its half-year earnings report, recording a surge in profit of 64 per cent, compared to the corresponding period of last year. It has earnings per share (EPS) N1.31 with a price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 4.97.


Oando currently trades tremendously below its intrinsic value. The oil firm’s EPS is N2.32, while its PE ratio is 1.40.


Custodian Investment is trading significantly below its real value, offering prospects of rising further. It has a PE ratio of 3.11, an EPS N1.96.


Zenith Bank makes this week’s pick for trading well below its real value. It has a PE ratio of N3.30 and an EPS of 7.42.


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