In commemoration of the 2021 World Oral Health Day, Colgate, the world’s leading and the most chosen toothpaste brand, collaborated with the Nigeria Association of Dental Students and the Nigerian Medical Students’ Association to reach out to 44 locations in rural communities across 31 states in Nigeria.

At each location, activities started in the early hours of the morning with oral health sensitization walk; Colgate team, dental students and medical students combed densely populated areas around the activation points such as the markets and residentials raising awareness about preventing dental cavities and the importance of ensuring a good oral hygiene practice. Afterwards, everyone had the opportunity to visit the Colgate Dental Checkup stand to have their mouth screened at zero cost by licensed and certified dentist.

In Abuja, the team visited Paiko community, Gwagwalada, engaging families, market women and children and conducted household calls to preach the message of adopting a good oral care habit in alignment with the 2021 theme “Be Proud of your Smile”.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Colgate Palmolive Tolaram, Girish Sharma- “we are particularly excited about this year’s World Oral Health Day campaign as it holds the potential to transform the lives of many across the nation”.

Colgate’s partnership with the Nigeria Association of Dental Students and the Nigerian Medical Students’ Association made the impact even more far-reaching as it facilitated the possibility of simultaneously combing through the nooks and cranny of over 44 communities across 31 states in a day.

Although the target population reach for this exercise is over 18,000 for both adult and children, however, this syncs seamlessly with Colgate’s 2021 goal of touching more than 2million people through its Free Dental check-up camps present in nine states across Nigeria.

Oral care is a very important aspect of the human overall health and wellness, and preventing cavity is one of the cardinal parts of enjoying a good oral health. It is, therefore, imperative to create awareness around oral care.

We are committed to proffer effective solutions to the spread of tooth cavities as well as aggressively promoting preventive oral care in Nigeria which is why we decided to go national with the campaign to deeply penetrate the rural communities ensuring they also benefit from the free dental screening opportunity.

According to the president of Nigerian Association of Dental Students, Michael Adejumo, “We embarked on this campaign to support our brand, Colgate, and to enhance publicity on good oral care habits across every state in Nigeria and around the world.

WOHD is celebrated throughout the world on March 20 each year, with a wide range of awareness-raising activities organised by dentists, dental students, and National Dental Associations (NDAs). It offers the dental and oral health community a platform to take action and help reduce the global disease burden of oral disease.


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