The Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) has announced that it will soon be possible to submit the  online submission asset declaration forms online.

CCB Chairman, Mohammed Isah, who made the announcement on Wednesday, March 31, at an event organised by the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) in Lagos, was represented by Mustapha Musa, his special assistant. According to him, the website has been secured and will be launched very soon.

The CCB Chairman said, “Our asset declaration website is live and online with all security features and certification necessary for its takeoff. The website will be launched very soon. Our staff that will be responsible for its operation will soon be receiving documents. Information on the website regarding asset declaration can only be accessed by the CCB, and the site is available at”

According to Isah, any citizen, upon application, would be given access to the information regarding the declaration of assets on the site, as provided by the freedom of information (FOI) act and subject to conditions given by the national assembly.

He added, “This is a specific provision that is exclusive to the CCB. The provisions of the FOI Act are general, general on all agencies, ministries, departments and bodies of government but this paragraph is specific on the Code of Conduct Bureau. It is not that the CCB is not willing to give information to applicants. The constitution states that we can only give such information subject to some conditions or guidelines to be given by the national assembly. The national assembly is yet to give any guidelines; therefore, the hands of the CCB are tied regarding this position.”


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