In 2017, Jubril Adebowale,a civil servant attached to the Chief Press Secretary of Lagos State woke up with Critical Kidney Disease (CKD).

His two kidneys have failed.

Mr Adebowale joined the civil service in 1997 during the administration of former Governor Mohammed Buba Marwa.

He was thereafter scheduled for a transplant which his first son donated but two years later in October 2020, the kidney failed as well.

Since then, he has been on dialysis with the hope of undergoing another transplant at Zenith medical and kidney care in Abuja, his brother-in-law, Fatai Oladoyinbo, told PREMIUM TIMES on Tuesday.

The Lagos State Government led by Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu then donated N8 million.

Upon arriving the hospital in Abuja, Mr Adebowale was however unstable “as his blood pressure was unstable.”

His Sp02 (oxygen saturation) was less than 75%, instead of 92 to 98%.

Asides kidney failure, he experienced gasping and shortbreathness, general body pain, insomnia and sporadic coughing.

As a result, the medical experts told him to undergo blood transfusion.

“We spent almost N2.5 million just to stabilise him”, Mr Oladoyinbo said.

The transplant bill, howeverrr, rose to N15 million ($30,060.12) and Mr Adebowale has since not been able to complete the balance of N7 million ($13,822).

This is due to continuous payment for dialysis and treatment.

Impact of disease on family

Mr Adebowale has a wife and five children who have been negatively impacted due to his illness.

The disease made him sell his land at Ota, Ogun State.

His wife has equally incurred debt from the bank and several sources to keep fending for the family.

Upon donating his kidney for his father, Mr Adebowale’s first son who was at his final year at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic had to dropout of school because he could not meet up with his exam due to the transplant.

Mr Oladoyinbo on his part has been away from his family for over three weeks and his job at
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), in Ogun state is to take care of his brother-in-law.

He travels twice in a week to attend lectures in FUNAAB and returns to Abuja, spending at least N114,000 each week.

Mr Adebowale also had to leave the health facility because he could not longer afford paying for the bed space which has drastically reduced the monetary donations received.


Mr Adebowale’s family seeks support from Nigerians to donate N7 million to complete his needed transplant.

You can also donate into his Nigerian account:
Jubril Adeyemi Adebowale, Polaris bank 1012636820.

He also started a GoFundMe campaign and the details can be found here


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