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We’re well beyond the days of having to buy things with either cash or a bank card. With innovations in mobile and contactless payments and the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, it’s becoming more common for online shopping platforms to offer a variety of ways to pay for items.

Crypto, in particular, has taken off, so much so that Nigeria is the world’s leading country per capita for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption. With so much global interest in digital currencies, this isn’t just a fad that will disappear anytime soon. 

One online platform offering a crypto payment option is the Carry1st Shop, which is home to a wide range of digital vouchers for the world’s most popular mobile apps, lifestyle,  entertainment, and gaming content.

Whether you enjoy gaming on Xbox or PlayStation,  jumping into matches in Fortnite, PUBG, or Call of Duty, there are tons of in-game items and collectibles you can buy. If you need to top up on Amazon, Apple, Tinder, or Spotify vouchers, the Carry1st Shop makes it easy to purchase using cryptocurrency. 

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And for those who are just starting out with their crypto wallets, don’t worry. The Carry1st  Shop offers a process to link wallets that’s not only simple and straightforward, but also very  secure. Whether you’re using a bank card, crypto, PayPal, Chipper Cash, Paga, 1ForYou, or  any of the 90+ convenient payment methods available with Carry1st, you can be sure your  sensitive information is protected. 

Wondering how other people are spending their crypto? These are the top 10 most popular  app vouchers purchased on the Carry1st Shop in Nigeria: 

  • Razer Gold 
  • Amazon 
  • Xbox 
  • Free Fire 
  • Apple 
  • PUBG 
  • PlayStation 
  • Tinder 
  • Call of Duty 
  • Spotify 

As well as gaming, music, and tech, the shop offers a range of other essential items, like  airtime and data from service providers such as MTN, Airtel, Smile, and Spectranet.

Also, it’s  good to be on the lookout as the Carry1st Shop is always offering new and exciting special  offers, such as 5% off airtime and data bundles with GLO or 10% off Call of Duty purchases  on Xbox.

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All of this and more – with the option to make payments using crypto – make the Carry1st  Shop the perfect one-stop shop for all your digital purchases. 

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