Catholic bishop asks citizens to unite, fix Nigeria

Nigerians crowd

The Catholic Bishop of Abeokuta Diocese, Dr. Peter Odetoyinbo, has called on citizens to unite and fix Nigeria’s problems.

The bishop made the call in an Easter message issued on Monday.

Odetoyinbo also charged politicians on the need to foster unity and mend broken relationships across the country.

He said, “Nigerians can no longer sit on the fence anymore; it is time to participate by way of civil responsibility in the affairs of our country. We have complained for so long about the problems we face as a people. It is time to join hands together to fix them.

“We look forward to a greater Nigeria where there will be peace and progress as entrenched in our national anthem; one nation bound in freedom, peace, and unity, those are our dreams. We want peace and unity in Nigeria irrespective of tribe, tongue, and religion. Therefore, the principle of love and justice must be embraced, promoted, and defended.

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“This new life must also be visible in our social/political life as we prepare for another general election with a new attitude towards voting and electioneering. We must scrap vote-buying and, for once, stand up for the good of our nation. Our nation’s reality demands urgent action if we shall have a nation to call our own. In our nation’s political history, we do not need vengeful leaders vying to fight on behalf of a party or tribe but leaders with the right intention to build communion and mend broken relationships.

“We hear of bandits walking into communities, raping and maiming Nigerians in their homes and farmland with many injured; rails and roads are no longer safe. How did we get here? We cannot ignore these wounds we experience daily. We must let the best of our people with the right intentions aspire to political office.”


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