Brazilian Scam Victim Crashes Nigerian Couple’s Pre-Wedding Photos On Facebook

Drama ensued on social media site, Facebook, when an Oyibo scam victim, Marluce Luz, crashed in on a couple’s pre-wedding photo’s, calling them out for scamming her.

In a post, she said “Benjamin Ediagbonya (The groom-to-be) said to be my husband, I was his contact for a year; And the wicked woman who is Belinda Ediagbonya(the bride-to-be), said to be his sister, now ask why they were already married and deceived me? You think it’s easy and then the two run away like two: cowards, who are.Not to end the courtship of lies … that he had with me I say and repeat two liars; Yes, I also asked what they got from it (money). The money was real, but the conversations of the two were to deceive me. Now, can you answer me, is it easy?”

She then went ahead to call the couple evil people. She said “You really do not know them !!!! They are evil. God blesses but they refuse the blessing of God.” “They simply are not worthy to speak in the name of God, ask what they did with a Brazilian named Marluce Luz; I was tricked by both BELINDA AND BENJAMIN, Ask?”


Screenshots below

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