Boko Haram-inspired movie,‘The Delivery Boy’, makes NETFLIX debut

Boko Haram-inspired movie,‘The Delivery Boy’, makes NETFLIX debut

‘The Delivery Boy’, a Boko Haram-inspired film by a Nigerian filmmaker, Adekunle, ‘Nodash’ Adejuyigbe, has debuted on Netflix.

The movie, which bagged 12 nominations at the 2019 Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA), premiered on the streaming platform on Friday.

The movie is the first Nollywood movie inspired by the Boko Haram insurgency on Netflix.

The filmmaker broke the news in a statement made available to PREMIUM TIMES.

“We carefully crafted this film for people like you. Really share your opinion about the topics addressed in the film. You just might say something that the world needs to hear. We are listening,” his statement read.

He also added that he would be hosting a Netflix party with fans and the lead actor, Jammal Ibrahim.

“If you are not familiar with Netflix party, it’s a really cool application where you can watch a movie with a group of people at the same time and have a virtual chat going on through the film,” he noted.

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The movie was written and directed by “Nodash” and produced by Something Unusual Studios with technical work done by The Elite Film Team (TEFT) the technical arm of Something Unusual Studios.

Speaking with this newspaper in Lagos, Nodash said his knack for telling original and homegrown Nigerian stories pushed him to shoot ‘Delivery Boy’ multiple times in 2015 and 2016 to tie all loose ends.

Not your typical Nollywood movie, ‘Delivery Boy’ poignantly situates its theme on the activities of Boko Haram insurgents in a riveting manner.

Delivery Boy
Delivery Boy

The movie follows the story of Amir, a young orphan raised by an extremist group, who runs away on the eve of a suicide mission, taking his bomb vest with him.

He has a mission of his own.

On his way, he runs into Nkem, a young prostitute escaping a lynch mob for a crime committed while trying to get money to save her dying brother.

Before the night is over, they traverse the underbelly of the Nigerian metropolis as they search for their identities, their stolen pasts, money, and any semblance of peace they can find.

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Their journey takes them through the underbelly of the city, exposing the hidden backside of African society and its dangerous culture of silence in the presence of evil.

Delivery Boy stars Jemima Osunde, Charles Etubiebi Oke, Kehinde Fasuyi, Jude Chukwuka and Jamal Ibrahim.


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