Bobrisky says doctor who worked on lips did a perfect job, reveals he’s doing his cheekbones soon

Bobrisky says doctor who worked on lips did a perfect job, reveals he's doing his cheekbones soon

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky cannot stop crushing on himself and he does so without apologies. Every day, he gushes about his transformation and how much money he spends looking good.

Recently, the male barbie took to his social media page to gush over his lips. According to him, his doctor did a perfect job on him.

The controversial socialite went ahead to reveal that he would be working on his cheekbones very soon.He further urged his followers to work on their bodies if they have the funds for it. Bobrisky revealed that he is never scared of surgeries.

The popular influencer has never shied away from talking about going through cosmetic surgery to give him the kind of body he wants. In fact, he informs his fans and followers before doing any surgery and after, he gives them feedback on how he feels.

Cosmetic surgery is also becoming a popular thing in Nigeria as more women are openly talking about it while some show interest in going through it in the future.

To emphasize his point about his lips, Bobrisky shared a lovely photo that captures his face. The male barbie looked as lovely as he always looks.