Bluecode Africa wins Digital Transformation Award at Africa Tech Week 

Bluecode Africa

Bluecode Africa has claimed the Digital Transformation Award at the third Annual Africa Tech Week.

The award recognises the companies that are leading the charge when it comes to digital transformation and disrupting the status quo across industries.

Bluecode Africa won for their digital payment solution which is truly designed to transform the banking and payment space with a relevant merchant solution, designed for transparency that allows financial services to provide wanted and relevant products across the African continent.

“While our most important source of validation is seeing the difference our products make to small businesses and ordinary people across Africa, it’s always special to be recognised by the industry and to collaborate with other partnerships in providing full suit market solutions that drive product change,” says Sampa Diseko, Bluecode Africa Communications Executive.

“This award win is testament to the hard work our entire team has put in, which they do day in and day out, with the passion to transform the legacy structures, drive financial inclusion and improve the fabric and construct of payments with the financial sector.

The vision and purpose set out by our late Managing Director, Murray Gardiner, for Bluecode Africa was one where payments were localised, transparent and relevant so that the greater market is not marked off a list because they have a bank card, but because there is transparency, depth and relevance.

So that SMMEs can grow, and expand, and in so doing lift their communities. A better economy is an inclusive economy, and a sustainable economy is a digitised economy.”

In order to win the award, Bluecode Africa had to demonstrate that it developed its own digitally transformative technology that it could to overcome challenges such as a heavy cash-based market, unstable connectivity, and foreign market dependencies.

Bluecode’s mobile payments technology fits this bill perfectly.  It combines cashless payments via phones with value-added services that are relevant and strengthen the relationship between merchant and bank, with a secure and simple frictionless user experience to match.

Bluecode Africa wins Africa Tech Week award

“Using Bluecode’s payments technology, small, micro, and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) are able to build a high degree of digital transparency to build a risk profile and create effective demand for more enriched financial services such as insurance, savings, transactional banking, and lifestyle-related services,” says Diseko.

Bluecode’s technology seamlessly integrates inside existing banking mobile applications, e-wallets, and retail registers.

“We look forward to building on these technologies even further going forward and empowering more SMMEs across Africa,” she concludes.

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