Former BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes housemate, Nini has revealed that Saga helped her cope in the house during her stay.

Coincidentally, both of them were evicted the same day.

Nini had pulled the biggest prank in the house by disappearing, leaving Saga worried. She has always stated that she has a relationship outside the house.

“He was a friend that helped me cope with being away from my family, I only liked him as a friend, and nothing there’s nothing more to it,”

Thus, Nini will be sticking with her man after the show,

She further pointed out that each time Saga expressed his feelings to her, she always told him about her relationship outside the house, which he didn’t want to hear, so she left it that way.

Saga had already said he would respect her decision, having expressed interest in exploring a relationship with her.

Nini said she would be focusing on her fashion brand and her other businesses afterward.

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