Bayelsa residents paid highest prices for rice, garri in April

Bayelsa, Rivers, Ebonyi, Akwa Ibom and Plateau states had the highest prices for some selected food items in Nigeria in April, data from the National Bureau of Statistics has shown.

The “Selected Food Price Watch (April 2020)’’ report was released by the Statistician-General of the Federation, Yemi Kale, on Wednesday.

The bureau said Bayelsa had the highest prices for rice, garri, fish (tilapia fish and iced sardine), maize and tomatoes. Rivers had the highest price of eggs.

Similarly, Akwa Ibom, Plateau and Ebonyi had the highest prices of onion, plantain and beans respectively.


The report said Rivers had N587. 42 for a dozen of agric medium-sized eggs, while in Gombe, the price was N400.77. Brown beans sold at N504. 26 and white black eye beans at N460. 94 per kilogramme in Ebonyi. The lowest prices of brown and white black eye beans were at Yobe State, N130.9 and N149.49 respectively.

The average highest prices of a medium size sliced and unsliced loaf of bread in Bayelsa were N446.15 and N425 respectively, while the average lowest prices for both categories of bread were N238.57 and N226 in Bauchi State.

The bureau said in Bayelsa, rice had the highest prices from rice agric, N591.17; to local rice, N530. 88; to medium grained, N580, then imported rice N659.64.

The lowest priced rice differed in the various states. Rice agric had the lowest price in Kebbi at N267.17, local rice N232.65 in Sokoto, medium grained was N255, in Kogi and imported rice N353.33 in Sokoto.

According to the data, garri white and garri yellow had the highest prices in Bayelsa at N325.48 and N345.48 per one kilogramme.

The garri white had the lowest price in Ekiti at N126.84 and garri yellow had the lowest price in Benue at N146.57.

It said the price of tomatoes was highest in Bayelsa at N462.22 per kilogramme, while it was lowest at N117.19 in Borno. The price of onion was N377.2 in Akwa Ibom and N111.11 in Kastina.

In a similar manner, one kilogramme of maize white grain cost N307.29, while the yellow grain was N353.32 in Bayelsa. The prices of maize grain white and yellow grain were N83.31 and N79.77 in Borno.

The NBS said the prices of ripe and unripe plantain were highest in Plateau at N330.26 and N343.02 per kilogramme, while in Cross River, ripe plantain was N153.89. In Gombe the price of unripe plantain was N164.32, the lowest in the country.


The NBS said the prices were collected in all the 774 local government areas and the FCT from over 10,000 respondents and, “locations which reflect actual prices households in states actually bought those items.”

It said the field work was done solely by over 700 NBS staff in all states of the federation “with support from supervisors who are monitored by internal and external observers.”

The report said the average of all the prices is then reported for each state and the average for the country is the average for the states. It said the NBS audit team subsequently conducted randomly selected verification of the prices recorded.