Prior to the arrival of missionaries with the Christian religion, most people in Armenia were pagans. Christianity was first introduced in the country by two men of God by Apostles Thaddeus and Bartholomew.

Armenia became the first country to adopt Christianity about 300 AD. Before the introduction of Christianity the biggest percentage of people with Armenian nationality were pagans. St. Gregory the Illuminator baptized and converted king Tiridates III to Christianity in 301 AD.

After baptism of the King, he gave St Gregory mandate to go on with his mission of converting and baptizing the Armenians and almost the whole nation are now Christians. 97% of the population believe in God.

Armenian Apostolic Church which was the first in the country has 93% of the country’s population as members before other religions were introduced into the country. However, even after the constitution allowed the nationalists of Armenia freedom of worship, they rejected the idea of being converted into Islamic or other religions and remain the only Arabic Christian nation with 97% converts to date.


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