Former Big Brother Naija Season 6 finalist, Angel, has stated that she’s not ashamed to say that she has dated older men.

She stated this during a Facebook live interview with PUNCH Online on Wednesday while speaking about her stay in the house.

While on the show, some media reports claimed Angel had stated that she wanted a sugar daddy in Dubai since she once had one in Nigeria.  Clearing the air on the claims, the 21-year-old writer said that she wasn’t ashamed to say that she had dated older men but the talk about a sugar daddy in Dubai was a joke.

“I’m not ashamed to say that I have dated older men. For the most part, what I was saying about having a sugar daddy in Dubai was just ‘cruise’. I was joking.”

While on the show, Angel had also stated that she would prefer to marry a man who has kids because she was not mentally prepared to have hers.

“I’m saying if I got married now, I will prefer if the man came with his own kids or we would adopt. I don’t mind getting married to a man with kids because I don’t want to have a child of my own as of now,” she had said.

Speaking on her late boyfriend, whom she usually talk about during the show, Angel revealed that he died from mental health issues

, “His death was mental health-related,” the 21-year-old said while avoiding giving details of his death.

She further gave reasons for the need for people to talk about problems regarding their mental health, especially for men.

“It is really important to speak out if you are going through anything whatsoever. I think people find a weakness in vulnerability and I used to be like that; I thought that if I was vulnerable it somehow made me weak. It is especially harder for men because there’s a lot of toxic masculinity.”

On how she was able to deal with the loss she stated that dealing with grief is not a one-way street.”

“There are days you will feel okay, and there are days you don’t want to get up from your bed and want to be left alone. It is a lot of emotions. I was able to recover because I was grateful for the time I spent with him.”

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